Saturday, December 4, 2010

Favorite dresses part 2


We can always find something to be thankful for if we look hard enough. I’m grateful for the opportunity to do what I love. I don’t take it for granted.

Here are some more dresses I love… Enjoy.

Here is Nkem in one of my earlier patchwork experiments in 07

Mrs Biodun-Kuti. 06..still fresh...

This 2 piece was also 07. We were going for lots of drama with the skirt and she loved it

Me... 07. Good old dry lace, red ribbons laced through...I'm still saving this dress cos I hope to fit into it again in this life time *AMEN* :)...I don't think I'll do all this 'matchy-matchy' again though...

I’m not sure if it’s because of the fabric, but I love this dress a lot.

Tinuke's monostrap dress. This was @ Nkem's wedding in 08. lovely...Aunty Nneka. 08

The next four are aso-ebi. What I like about aso-ebi is how you can make a person stand out when there are so many people wearing the same fabric.

With Funbi‘s dress, I incorporated the likey..

For Dunni, we used taffeta. And she did stand out

I was looking at Moradeke’s wedding pics on FB and I was thinking, hmm… fine girl, I like the fit of this dress… and then I saw it was Ayo wearing Gbemisoke. J

Here’s Ayo again, this time I was the photographer. See the difference between a pro and a… ermm...not so pro photog ;)

Another FB find :) Ayo in a patchwork skirt from 09...

Here’s Adenike of Ewar makeovers rocking the ‘Ewar dress’ I named this dress after her because I designed the dress from scratch for her

She looked so good in it, I made one for myself (and a couple more for her)... This was me at the City people awards in 09 :-)

Here’s Nike again in a top we made with the leftover fabric from the 1st Ewar dress. She has a way of making my work look good.

Nike rocks a piece from my 09 collection here

Same dress, different fabric

Here Funmi shows that with the right shoes and accessories (plus the right dose of swag which she adds), you can turn a ‘simple’ dress into something stunning

Patchwork dress from 08....
Ankara bubble dress with asymmetric ruched bodice... 2010aaaThis is dry lace with a touch of Ankara

The more pictures I look up, the more I find.... Plus I'm working on new stuff daily, so there's so much more to share.... *smile*

There's a gorgeous bride who'll be wearing gbemisoke tomorrow...make that today, cos it's almost midnight...I'll share her pics as soon as I get them and maybe try to find some pictures of other brides and bridesmaids I've done.... I fell like kicking myself for not being consistent with documenting my work *sigh*...well I'm glad I have these...

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  1. My pix didn't dey there
    Lovely i must say!

  2. Wow! good collection fav is the dry lace with red ribbon [for me] & ankara [for my daughters]... didn't really like the mono strap....made her look busty..weldone.

  3. My favourites have to be the dry lace dress (with red ribbons) and the 'Ewar' dress

  4. @ Debbie
    Thanks for dropping by. Your pic? coming soon...*smiles*

    Thanks. You should try it out. Quick tip. do test the ribbon to be sure it doesn't run before using it.

    @ Naijamum
    hmmm...I should work harder at getting back into that dress oh, seeing as it gets the most votes. Gym here I come. Thanks for dropping by.

  5. I love the 3rd photo. AMAZING OUTFIT!!!

  6. Thanks Temi, I'm glad you like :)

  7. pls what is the best way to reach u ? i like the patchwork skirt from a few posts back and would like you to sew one for me. Thanks

  8. I love them all.

  9. tomike, london.Monday, June 13, 2011

    love all, houston, texas u said, united state does not know yet, what GOD has brought into their cabbal, ride on girl, the sky is your pathway.

  10. Gbemi:

    I cannot believe Nike's top was made from "left-over" material! I would never have guessed o...As for which one of them I liked the most...Arghhh! I can't pick one :(

    But I really liked the brown one (especially the skirt), all the patchwork designs (because I can see myself wearing them daily) and the red and blue dress (lovely!)

  11. gbemi am just short of words u are too good

  12. Those are beautiful dresses. I liked the brown dress with orange belt matched with hat or is that headdress or something.

  13. me love the patch work......creative, colorful, different!!!
    good job Gbemi

  14. Beautiful, creative
    Your patch are lovely....
    More power, more grace!

  15. You make clothes
    i don't have the patience to seat
    but i can come up with many new styles.

  16. Yes I visited, 4years later and I am dropping a line to let you know I


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