Thursday, December 9, 2010

Halima, my newest bride

I love making wedding dresses!

I get a high from seeing my work on women, but there's something extra special about seeing a bride in a dress I made....

Halima's dress had to be 'nikkai compliant', no cleavage showing, long sleeves etc

The challenge was to create something chic that my young bride would love and that her parents would approve of. After several sketches, this was the final one.

Here's the fabric she had bought.....

The first step was to create the toile. The toile is the mock up of the dress made out of calico. We do this to ensure that the dress fits right and any alterations can be made before we cut up the actual fabric.

I drafted her body block...

Cut out the calico...
Here's her first toile...

She had to come from Abuja for her first fitting, which went well as there were only a few changes. So I made a new pattern and the dress bodice

Next up was draping...
The veil...this was one long process, cos I had to lay on the lace edge on the tulle by hand.....

Many hours of sewing and stitching..... here we are

I'm still waiting for the official wedding pics, but thanks to my dear sister in law, who introduced me to the bride, I got these....

I couldn't go to Ilorin for the wedding, but I heard it was a carnival, cos the grooms son is Adebayo Salami's (Oga Bello the actor) first son. Happy married life Halima and Saheed.

I also made the little bride's dress, but she couldn't wear it cos it wasn't 'nikkai compliant'... I shouldn't have made a short dress...

I'll do a post on some of the other wedding dresses I have made soon...I didn't document the process of any of them like this one though, so it may only be pics of the fitting sessions.

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  1. This dress is beautiful - simple and elegant.
    The veil is my favourite part.
    PS - How are your assistants going to copewhen you leave? *sigh*

  2. Well done Gbemi. and where are you leaving to? *couldnt help "overhearing Naijamum's comment*

  3. Wow... you are really good. I love the fabric

  4. Sura d tailor when are u coming back to the states. Well girlfriend that was a nice dress you made.I just love it. they should have allowed the little bride to put on her own dress now weather nikai complaint or not she is still a little girl. Na dem sabi jo...watever.
    Good job girlfriend.

  5. @ Naijamum
    Thanks. That veil ehn! It's worth writing a blogpost about. I'm glad you like it. I'm helping my people start their own businesses...I'm sure they'll be fine. xxx. @ Abyurla
    Long time! Trust you've been good...I thought about u when I was doing the post on my favorite dresses. Your purple ankara dress should have been there, but I don't have a pic of it. One of my earlier posts explains my journey oh. It's what's best for now.
    @ Prism
    Thanks for coming by my blog. Off to check yours out now...

  6. WOW!.....IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL! i like the lace....apart from nikkai complaint, it's very good for church weddings o. AIT showed how a couple were dancing & the groom mistakenly stepped on the gown which was a tube bustier without straps, & the lady breast just fall out yakata! as she stood up! what an embarrassment! Some guys rubbed it in by saying na wor-wor breast sef!

    This gown is really beautiful..... it proofs the theory;LESS IS MORE! i really like it....see me just the gush with excitement. I wonder how many tailors do 'tolle'? in 9ja sef? too bad about the little brides problemo, she go wear go party. but do nikkai's have litte brides? see how the world is going global....the western influence?..before, it's only xtains that wear wedding gowns, until the trendy & enlightened gals began wearing them, because it makes a woman look so beautiful on that day.....weldone GBEMI, like 9jamum said, how will your assistants cope without you?

  7. I love this gown so much, its really lovely and can even pass for a church wedding like nitty said

  8. What a romantic dress. You are so creative.

  9. it's really beautiful! and the veil is soooo lovely..yu do such wonderful work, it's really a gift!

  10. @Adebola
    Hey babe! Thanks for dropping by. See you soon ;)

    @ nitty
    I love your sense of humor!! You've got me laughing so hard...but meeeen! I can't begin to imagine how that bride must have felt... Thanks for all the compliments :)

    @ Jhazmyn
    Thx dear

    Thx for coming by.

    Thx. Trust you're holding up well xxx

  11. lol@ sura d tailor,
    lv d viel too, but wat do means by..nikkai compliant'..shebi its supposed to be for d lil bride, kinibigdeal????

    *muuah for stopping by mine, r u in abj???

  12. emmm abeg madam where is ur shop at? I need to bring you stuff ASAP before you leave abeg. please call me on 08031363431. Thanks

  13. @ LG
    Thanks babe. I'm in Lagos oh.

    Thx for calling. You made my day. I sent you an SMS already. Looking forward to seeing you. xxx

  14. Thanks for reading my blog. I LOOVVVEEEE your blog! plus this is beautiful! If I make my wedding dress and not buy, you're making it! wooowww! I'm so following this blog.

    Good work, keep it up.

  15. Thanks Beautiful
    Making your dress gives you an opportunity to create something unique, that represents your own personal style. It would be such a joy to work with you on that all important, once in a lifetime project...mehnnnn...too much fun!!!

  16. How absolutely gorgeous! This talent of yours is really amazing.

  17. girl, u can sew!!!! wooooow

  18. Hallos!

    'Got referred to your blog from Nairaland and i am sooooo in love already. I intend to start sewing classes early next year and i know i have a lot to gain from you.

    Thanks for sharing.


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