Tuesday, December 7, 2010

more dresses

I love it when I get positive feedback.

Negative feedback? I don't actually like it, but knowing that it can help me become better, I embrace it. Constructive criticism helps us grow and become better. God corrects us because He loves us. If we were all left to ourselves, we would never become the best that we can be.

Where do we draw the line between constructive criticism and hateful spiteful comments?

Please share your thoughts. I would like to learn from you.

I'm sharing more pics today. Some people have asked me if it's okay to copy the ideas and styles. Yes you can copy. Ideas are personal, products are public. Before I execute an idea, it's all mine, but as soon as I create it, it becomes something others can enjoy and recreate.

These ones are recent.

Here's Kenny @ our friend, Rotimi's wedding in October. This was one of my first designs after I got back from maternity leave.
Here's Taiye... They liked the dress so much, they didn't mind me making the same style for them.
Here's me at the same wedding. I wasn't able to finish my own dress in time for the wedding, so I wore this. I've since made mine, but I didn't take a pic when i wore it. i'll put it up when i do

This was also aso-ebi. Most people made iro and buba, cos the lace was pricey, but me?? Why make something I won't wear again?
Showing off the back view :)

Here's my babe Pu'a... Her baby is only a few weeks old and she's already rocking.... me likey
This lace dress for Adenike was also aso-ebi. Shesa id most people made iro and buba...
Another tulip dress

Thanks for dropping by. Please leave a comment, so I'll know you came
Life is short. Enjoy the journey


  1. My own constructive critic is that I have seen any big girls modelling your creations. I could be the first big girl on your catewalk if you like?

  2. A bit of typo in my last comment, I meant to say that I havent seen any bit girls modelling. Count me in if you are looking for any big girls hey?

  3. Well done babe, liked d short pretty dresses worn by d twins, it's simple and very lovely design! keep it up girl! Really proud of ur commitment!!!& Be encouraged with Prov 22:29 &A line frm Prov15:31&32 TLB,It sais if u profit frm constructive criticism u'll be elected to d wise men hall of fame, But to reject criticism is to harm urself&ur own best interests!God bless u! Bussy Adun

  4. My favs is the lime-coloured short gown you worn, & the last pix....since i have wonderful k-legs, i would sew mine longer....hope it won't affect the beauty of the gown?....like the off-shoulder neck of the blue tulip gown in the last pix. weldone.

    To your question...i don't like negative comments,only constructive criticism that is not dripping with sarcasm! NOBODY IS PERFECT & WE LEARN EVERYDAY.

  5. @Bola
    Thanks for dropping by my blog.
    I find your comment interesting cos I consider myself to be a big girl, so, saying you haven't seen any big girls makes me feel like I don't need to hit the gym.... :)
    I'll definitely keep your offer in mind.

    @ Bussy
    Thanks WOG. Wise men hall of fame here we come! One of the things I love about God's word is how it addresses EVERY area of our lives... the big step is to move from just knowing, to doing... I'm on that journey, not anywhere near completion, but trusting God to daily make me more like Him.

    @ Nitty
    Thanks my sister. A few inches wouldn't hurt at all, so please go ahead. lol @ wonderful k-legs. I like your use of humor.. laughter is good medicine... Thanks for sharing your wisdom again and again xxx

  6. I'm still coveting o...u know what i mean (wink wink)...lol.

    I've got my eyes on u sis, I know I'd be seeing some great things to come (((hugs)))

  7. Mmmm....I really like the first dress (the pink one) Really chic - especially the pockets.
    That's more my style - cute and practical at the same time!
    I also liked your first dress.
    However, I didnt like the second one (the goldy beige one) because the high neck broadens your chest.

  8. @ Jhazmyn
    *smile* I gerrit.
    Thanks a lot for dropping by. xxx

    Thanks babe. We've got even more in common... I like cute and practical too...
    As per the high neck, note taken.
    Thanks for coming again and again

  9. hi, its me again. i saw the first post before this one and i totally love your designs. i haven't seen dresses so pretty or perfectly sewn since my tailor jamiu went plc. Abeg i really really need you. please please please send me your details so i can gt in touch with you

  10. Lol @ Jamiu going PLC... Did you my text?

  11. Hi,
    Your designs are really cool.
    How do I get in touch with you?
    I also hope you are affordable.

    As an aside, those twins look familiar. Can't remember their surname now but are they Daystar members? And you?

  12. Thanks Abby
    Yes, we attend Daystar :)

  13. Can I just say I like your work and I think the way u approach things is awesome. I believe God just started his creativity with u, there is more to come and I pray as you put him first he will never stop inspiring and guiding you.

  14. Purpleicious BabeWednesday, March 09, 2011

    Sorry Purpleicous Babe aka DOZ sent the previous msg. To answer the question above.

    In my own opinion I believe a constructive criticism is said with love. It is said with person's interest at heart, i.e. it seeks to improve the not so good, by providing effective ideas and advice that will motive the person to work harder, smarter and improve. Most importantly, the person being criticised is eager to want to learn and know more, thus is motivated to ask for more advice. This is when it is constructive when both parties are actually communicating to enrich lives.

    However, spiteful and hateful comments says it all. It fails to recognise the hardwork, acheviement of the person. In other words, it fails to give credit in anyway and fails to correct or suggest any ideas. It seeks to condmen the works of the person and not appreicate anything. These comments have a negative effect on the person criticized by knocking off their confidence or destorying their dreams. Nevertheless, one should not acknowledge such comment but chose to press on and be more determined to do well and rise above it all. There is no specific reasons as to why peopel make spiteful comments, it might be due to jealosy, envy or pure hatred/enemies of progress. Whatever, it is, very important not to be drown by those words, it has a way of sapping every good vibe.

    Needless to say, God will continue to help us to help ourselves. I will suggest, if we want to criticize start with something nice and proceed to offer suggestions on ideas/improvement. If you dont have any ideas, appluad the good work and offer an encouragement. If you dont have any encouragement to offer, pray that God convicts the person, if u cant pray, dont say anthing that has a potential of destroying somebody elses future.

    (Sorry about the essay, i get too analytical, hope this helps).

    Jesus bless.

  15. Thanks DOZ
    You put it quite well. It definitely helps. Thanks babe

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. Purpleicious Babe (DOZ)Friday, March 25, 2011

    U are welcome b....

  18. Beautiful work, you've been gifted. Prosper in your work and be blessed.

  19. really lovly designs your are indeed talented.

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