Sunday, December 26, 2010

Mr X versus Mrs X...The conclusion

It's a great season to be alive!

It's so good to wake up the day AFTER Christmas, knowing that the birth of Christ is as relevant as it was yesterday!

I learnt something new today. Whatever position or condition you're in, there's someone somewhere who is wishing they were in your shoes. There's someone who would forever be grateful to God to have what you have now. So let's quit complaining and be grateful, because it could've been worse!

I promised to let you know how Mrs X handled the coil drama I shared in an earlier post.

She told Mr X that they should let her sister (whose opinion he respected) be the umpire. Her vote was to be the deciding factor. She told me when they were leaving, to Mr X's hearing (and pleasure) that I should be prepared to remove it if her sister sided with him. Now why am I not surprised that I did not get that call??? Mrs X surely knows how to run things ;-)

Naijamum's solution is the closest to what actually happened. Win-win solutions win any day!

Here are some dresses I made last week.

Pu'a looking yummy. She still doesn't look like someone who had a baby some weeks ago.
Dramatic sleeves for my big sister

same sleeve, but here the other arm is sleeveless
Thanks for coming by xoxo


  1. LOL @ the coil solution. Truth is men think they 'run things'....but we all know women really do!
    Re: the fave is the blue. I love dresses with pockets.
    Keep up the good work .....xoxox

  2. Wow, I'm glad I came around today. I know you joined my blog but was only able to visit from your bellaniaja comment. I had to go back and read the first coil post and it has really helped me. Compliments of the season and I will certainly be back.

  3. @ Naijamum
    Pockets have a way of making dresses more "fun". I love them too. Thanks dear

    Thanks for coming by. I'm glad my post helped. Looking forward to having you around more. xxx


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