Thursday, June 30, 2011

Arrghhh!! Bad Request : ERROR 400

I'm soooooo vexed and it's all bloggers fault!!!

So I was up till 2am writing. There was just a lot on my mind and since writing helps me clarify my thoughts, I took my time and broke my own personal record for longest post ever... Well not longest post I ever wrote, but longest time I ever spent trying to put a post together and as I attempted to publish, I saw

Bad Request : ERROR 400

"What's all this now, ehn Blogger? I muttered angrily, "Quit messing with me joor!!"
Well, I was having a hard time staying awake, so I copied and pasted the post in a notepad as back up and went to bed, hoping to try again this morning.

Fast forward a few hours, I tried again, same thing! The blogger bar didn't even appear at all  this time!
Thinking it could be a problem with my laptop, I turned on D's own and signed in, no error message. Relieved, I found the draft and guess what?
No post!! All I found were the first few lines I scribbled!!!


"Breathe Gbemi, Shebi you saved saved back up? Ehn ehn, just email it to yourself, open it here and publish" I told myself.... Back to my lappy, Nothing there! No saved notepad document, NOTHING!!!  And the error page now doesn't take me back to my post.

Arrghhhhhhhhh!!!What Rubbish!!!
My lil man's fav cartoon character... errmm, he's sorta kinda mine now too :oP

I can't even picture myself attempting to write that post again cos my mind was in a totally different zone last night. All I can think of this morning is :

  1. Food (I'm an emotional eater. Eating makes me feel better)
  2. My client that's driving three hours from Austin for a fitting. (I'm hoping that goes well cos the styles she and her daughter brought ehn?!) I'll show you the pictures and my interpretation soon.  
  3. How I must get to the store so I can use those coupons that expire today
  4. How the first half of the year ends today and I'm scared to do a goal review 
  5. Bills Bills Bills
That, my friends is how blogger swallowed a post that took me hours to write. Time I could have spent sewing, or sleeping, or cuddling  or on other extra-curricular activities ;o)
Next time when I want to clarify my thoughts, I'll just grab my journal and keep it old school!

"Why are you ranting Gbemi, kini big deal? It's happened to others before. Quit being so dramatic!!"
You just thought that didn't you? Why are you looking behind you?? You! Yes you!! I read your mind and I'm coming to get you. 
*Cue action movie soundtrack* hahahahaha!
Scared you? Maybe not. But I'm laughing and I feel better

Have a great day!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Just cos it's hubby's birthday day :o)

Hi beautiful people!

First let me confess... I'm blushing on Alexis' behalf, yeah and Nathan's too. After all the nice comments on my last post, I am officially jealous... hahaha.. Just kidding.
I'll be sure to let her know you all think she's gorgeous as soon as she's old enough to get it. Why do I think that day isn't far?! She's growing up so fast!! She now says NO!
I receive grace to raise God fearing, respectful and well grounded children in spite of the negative influences in this country. So help me GOD!!!

So it was the hubby's birthday on Wednesday!! Yay!!
You probably already know how I am about my D and all... yeah I know, I'm a "Ruth" like that *shines teeth*... I'm pretty sure that you don't toss your prized possessions or expensive jewelry around carelessly, so when you've got yourself a boo like mine who loves you and once grew his hair for you, letting you braid it just because, celebrating him should be a regular occurence....
Back in the days when it was just the two of  us :o)
*sigh*'s the little things that make this girl happy...
Ours has been an interesting journey... Up days, down days, laughter, tears... It has been God. Only God.

His birthday was also the perfect opportunity to revive my dying dead social life. So we went to see a movie at 1:40pm...I hadn't seen the insides of a cinema for at least 6months before that day and the only other people in the theater that afternoon were an elderly couple... says a lot about my life, doesn't it :oP
Chinese buffet afterwards, which  ideally should have been a romantic dinner, but with no one to babysit the munchkins, we had to be done by 6.00 pm in time to pick up them up from daycare.
We had a great time and I'm grateful for God's blessings, especially the ones that money cannot buy... I'm committed to being thankful for the things that are working. Everything else? I'm not losing sleep over what my Father, who neither sleeps nor slumbers, says He's already worked out.

In other gist, I promised Naijamum In London that I would put up pictures of my work.
I have been sewing, but I haven't been putting up pictures cos since I moved, sewing has been on the back burner. It still is, but the thing about making clothes is that for me, it's more than a job. It's something I love to do. Sometimes I'm up till 3am sewing and even though it takes me a lot of time to finish, seeing the smile on my client's face makes it worth it.

I'll post pics of stuff I've made really soon.
I should do the sunshine award thing, as well as update my website and finish 3 dresses that have to be delivered on Thursday... So much to do, so little time *sigh*
I miss Naija, when I had an assistant and tailors and a nanny and... *slapping myself on the head* Wake up and smell the coffee Gbemi, this is your life now!!

Thanks for coming by again and again
I appreciate your taking time out to leave comments.
May your dreams come true.

Monday, June 13, 2011

The dead girl?! That could easily have been me!

Hello beautiful people *waving*
It's been a while since I've been here and there's been so much going on. Lots of interesting stuff. I'll let you in on all the juicy gist in good time.*smile smile wink wink*

I read an article in Punch newspapers today that had me in tears. It's about Nigeria's high maternal mortality rate and highlights the story of a 29 year old lady who died on Wednesday, a day after having her baby on Tuesday. What makes this story personal for me is that it could have been me the only difference being that she had a C-Section and I didn't.

Having Alexis last year is one experience I can NEVER forget.
I came here from Naija pregnant and I hadn't decided if I wanted to live here or not, so I was in holiday mode cos I knew I was going back home. I enjoyed being a JJC, went to Vegas and had a lot of fun, but I was always tired. My bloodwork showed I was anemic, which explained the tiredness and so my gynecologist put me on some meds and watched me closely.

Things went really well. So well, I had time to take these pictures just before I left for the hospital on Sunday evening. I was feeling like a babe ;o) Of course I was wearing gbemisoke.

This was me on Monday morning after a restful night that I thoroughly enjoyed (cos of all the attention from the nurses) I felt like I was in a 5star hotel :o)

Fast forward a few hours... pushing, bearing down, Alexis was born.. no pics cos hubby had enough on his plate, watching me push and all that. He was a trooper :o) The doctor said I did good, everything was ok and he left. I held my baby, everyone was smiling.... All is well that ends well right?

errrm, not without some drama that played out like a scene from Grey's anatomy...

I started to haemorrhage!! Just like the lady in that article, I was losing blood and my PCV was low.
Thank God for observant nurses!! As she was cleaning me up, she became worried that there was too much blood. She called the doctor, who had already left the premises, and voiced her concern. He came right back and alarmed at how much blood he saw, declared an emergency. In no time, I was in the ER getting a transfusion while the whole team was searching for the source of the bleeding and trying to stop it.

This experience is one of the reasons I decided to move here. I had my son in Nigeria, and even though my gynecologist and his hospital came highly recommended, I doubt that they would've been able to respond as quickly as the team here did. I think so cos even though the doctor on duty was around, only the midwife was there when I actually delivered the baby. He came around when I needed stitches.

Having experienced childbirth in both countries, I know there's a HUGE difference. While I can sit here and say "thank God I moved here", my heart is heavy cos lives are being wasted. I do not think that my life is more valuable than that of any other woman back home. It's just not fair. The statistics are alarming! According to the article,
"!n simpler terms, the risk of a woman dying from childbirth is one in 18 in Nigeria, compared to one in 29,800 for Sweden. Our women are dying; believe it when you are told that one woman dies every 10 minutes due to complications arising from childbirth. Our men are becoming widowers and our children motherless." 
 You can therefore understand how extra thankful I am to be alive and well to see Alexis turn one. My lil Princess has gone from being this adorable bundle that had me tearing up (for joy) for weeks after I had her

To this even more beautiful angel that has filled our lives with laughter

I am grateful to God for His many blessings, Especially the ones that money cannot buy.
While I celebrate, I remember those who've passed. I am not better than them. They didn't have to die. So while we go on with business as usual, lets remember that knowing what's right to do and not doing it is leading to deaths, most of them avoidable.

Have a great week and please remember to thank God for keeping you. He didn't have to.