Monday, November 29, 2010

They've all got something in common...notice?

So I promised to post pictures of my favorite dresses...

I wanted to ask the ladies for permission first. They all gave the green light, so here we go..

First off is this dress I made for Nkem years ago. '07, I think. I particularly like it cos the challenge was to incorporate the headtie into the dress. You see, it was Aso-ebi and we wanted to do something different. So the shiny yellow part? it's the gele.

I also wanted to make the back 'interesting', so here's what I did.
She loved it! and I loved it too :):D

Next up is this white number.
Good old plain Guinea Brocade... The royal blue embroidery and beadwork totally spiced it up.
Next up is Debola's dress.
No this isn't Debola! (I read your mind shey?)
She sent me this pic
Here's Debola in our own version. She rocked it for her office Christmas party

PS..this pic doesn't do her justice at all cos I took it on my phone in my living room. She's waaaaay hotter ;)

Next up is my babe Pu'a
I love seeing her in gbemisoke...

Here she's with Ope and Bili. I totally loved working with them on their outfits for this wedding.

Next up is Remi's monostrap dress. Her design, my tailoring. The result? see for yourself!!!

Here's Spicy Seun's outfit for one of her many red carpet gigs. I only had a day's notice, but Seun's such a sweetheart, I was glad to make it happen.
Here's Seun again, in a patchwork dress. This was the dress TELL magazine chose when they wanted to do a feature on gbemisoke

So while writing this post, I realized:

I am blessed to have made so many friends in my career as a designer.

I have so many favorite dresses, I'll have to do a series of posts.... These ones are from around 2006 through 2008.... There are sooo many recent ones I'll love to share with you, but blogging, like making clothes, takes time... I'll keep at it though...

Thanks for coming by my blog

PS... Did you notice what they have in common?


  1. ME LIKEY!....they all rock! I like this mono dress better than the other one in the other common....they are all sleeves! I really like the gele infusion...a new idea for me....might try it out [hope am not stealing o...*grin*] Since i am blessed with all christain sister arms, i don't do sleeves! I go for short sleeves or 3/4 arm length...weldone sistah.

  2. I mearnt sleeveless o!....don't mind my typo.

  3. My favourite are Debola's dress and the patchwork dress!

  4. @ Nitty
    Thank you. lol @ christian sister arms. Trying the idea out isn't stealing at all, you're welcome to try out as many as you would like common, they all have big smiles. Maybe they are just smiling for the camera, but I like to think they are smiling cos they love the clothes :)

    @ Naija mum

  5. lovely dresses. Do you take orders? Please can you email me?

  6. I can't find your email address anywhere on your blog MsLuffa.

    mine is
    do drop me a line

  7. You made that white dress? It looks store-bought! Chei! See talent...

  8. wow! you are really good, wish you were in Naija, i'dv used you for my trad wedding attire!

  9. They all have belts or belted that what they have in common?


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