Sunday, December 4, 2011

9 months of serious work and all I got was a "D" ... I couldn't be happier

9 looooooooong months and my result? 

"D" yeah, DAVID

I had him 6weeks ago. I found out that I was pregnant on my birthday, and from then it's been a roller coaster of emotions. Shock, sadness, guilt, anger, exhaustion, pain and now joy, as I hold him in my arms and thank God for such an amazing blessing.

Having a support system made up of family and friends, many of whom I met here, made the journey so much easier and I must say that my greatest blessings are people. God used many people to reach me when it seemed like I couldn't hear Him and I am grateful.

As we dedicated him to God today, my heart was filled with so much joy, it's hard to believe that I was sad when I found out I was pregnant. 

I consider myself privileged to have received such a precious precious gift from God and I call him my lil' miracle.
One of friends went: "Miracle?! Was he conceived of The Holy Spirit?"
Perhaps when I share how it all happened, you'll see why I call him that.

Between feedings, diaper changes, school runs and all the stuff that a girl with 3 children under 4 has to deal with, I can't be here that much, but I'll share, however long it takes. Perhaps my story would encourage someone. I have learnt a lot this year. Lessons I wouldn't have learnt if I didn't walk this road. 
This sorta kinda sums up my story:

Thanks for dropping by.
May your dreams come true

May your plans be interrupted by pleasant surprises like me... Did I hear you say amen? ;o)


  1. Aww!!! Awesome David! Looks so cute! God is so good to you ma.

    *wink* you got pregnant on your birthday | Uncle must have really arranged an awesome birthday for you o. haha *runs away*

    - LDP

  2. congrats! he is so adorable!!!

  3. Congrats maam!!! i love the name 'David'. cute baby.

  4. Congrats and God Bless x

  5. aww, congratulations! He is all kinds of cute!!!

  6. CONGRATS!!!!! David is a lovely Name,he is My kid bro`s name sake..#awesome

  7. Awww! He is so cute and adorable.....Congratulations dear. My love to your lovely family.*blowing kisses*

  8. congrats again!!!

    we dont want summary o..come and give us the full gist!! i want to learnnnnn :D

  9. Congratulations on this beautiful blessing! I've missed you aroud here.

  10. awwwwwwww, congrats my i know why you have been away on this forum, miss u plenty....kisses to lil miracle, MAY GOD KEEP HIM
    Expextant about the full gist o...

  11. CONGRATS!!! David is adorable!!! May God bless and keep him and may he and his siblings always make you smile.

    Aww..praise God!

  12. Thanks guys
    Your kind wishes warm my heart :o)

    Hahaha. My birthday was when I found out oh. I'm not sure when the "miraculous conception" occured *adjusts halo*

    Your wish is my command dear. You know how much I like gist ;o)

  13. Congratulations! David is an adorable little Angel! Hugs and Kisses to him! :X

  14. Awww! Congratulations!!! That's so beautiful. God's will is best! He is sooooo gorgeous!!!

  15. OMG! Congratulations, so happy for you, the lord is truly good

  16. David is super cute. Congratulation!!!

  17. Isn't he Beautifulllll?
    God is awesome! Congrats gbemi!
    Join me in prayer o cos am trusting God for a son too. I know he will come thru for me!

  18. Miss u so much


  19. Ok, so I just dropped in to do a quickie sha...So this is the face of him who stole u from us for a few weeks ehn?!!!
    Oya, welcome Dafidi....we love u already jare....:*

  20. Awww... sisi Gbemi, e ku ori ire ooo... I am extremely happy for you and yours. May God continue to bless your family.

  21. Many thanks ladies :o)

    @ the chikoo
    He will come through my dear, keep trusting Him.
    He watches over His word to perform it and He's been known to do "exceeding abundantly above" what we ask. David is a good example.
    I just said a prayer for you.
    Please share your testimony with us oh :o)

    @ Olu
    I miss you more, my dear aburo. Love you loads

    @ HD
    lol @ "Dafidi"
    Thanks for being there for me time and again.
    Sorry I haven't replied your email, its a crazy season for me right now.

  22. You and the baby are glowing! Thank God for miracles and blessings.

  23. Aww congratsssss
    And I say a big Amen to that.

  24. Awww, no wonder u've been MIA. Your kids are sooo cute and little Daniel is no exception. `you're blessed! CONGRATULATIONS!!! :-)

  25. Mon neveu est tres mignon!!!!!!!!! Pour etre juste,il faut donner une soeur a Alexis :)). I have no intentions of translating.......

  26. Ma soeur grande!!!

    You said "your Nephew, cute something something like his sister Alexis??"

    Did I try?
    Wait, there's google translator joor. I'll be right back ;o)

    1. lol, she meant you need to give Alexis a sister too! Hope you are working on that sha...

  27. Blessings.....
    YOu are most certainly blessed girl. David is a lovely name, just curious did you give him an african name as well?

  28. @ Rhapsody
    Yes. We gave him an African name. No, make that "names". He's got like 6 of them :)

  29. He is really cute. Just found your blog.

  30. Halleluyah....

    U are BACK..

    Yeppie Yeepie YAYY....

    Ok abit excited but am happy to see a new post from u...

    Awww Congratulations...

    He is a cutie...

    WOW... Cnt wait for ur testimony..

    Thank God for massive miracles.

    May He continue to give your family the grace to cope abundantly....


  31. Congrats dear..God keep him...he's so cute!

  32. Congratulation...May the good God guide and protect him. Happy New Year in advance

  33. congrats dearie and AMEN.

  34. Blessings
    just ducking in to see how you doing. I trust all is well with you and the fam. Much love to you all.

    peace have a fabulous week

  35. Nice Anon: Oga David :)
    He's adorable!!! May he always be a source of blessing to you and your family Amen! Congrats!

  36. Belated Congratulations Mom. What a beautiful Christmas present you got. Hope you are all doing well. The Lord is your strength!

  37. hey b, hope u are well... still anticipating a new post from u ohh.. i know u are very busy pls when u have time do drop some posts, do not hesitate.. i miss ur story..

    Pls don't 4get to come and visit and drop a comment at mine too...


  38. When I was a teenager I used to wonder that women are weaker than men. But gradually I got to understand that I was wrong because the women were stronger than us because they tolerated our weight and if we are strong then they are stronger to carry us. I would like to congratulate you for your David.

  39. Yay! Gbemi you have given birth??? HORAYYYY! eku wo omo ooo

    congratulations.....awwww, he is so cute......e be lik say,

    make i start on baby no5 right sweet, just

    look at happy for

    you.....congratulations, & welcome to the world David

    as more and regards to your entire family :D


    1. Yay! It's Nitty!!
      I have missed you soo much! You have no idea. Baby number 5 is not a bad idea at all hahaha
      Trust you're doing well. Love to the fam and this big mmmmmwwwwaaaah is for the kids :o)

  40. Shame on me, I never knew about "D"... Oh my, congratulations. He is now a big boy, a great xmas present. Amen to your prayer... God is your strength...


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