Saturday, January 29, 2011

The elastic band worked!!

It's a few more days to the BIG MOVE!!
When I feel overwhelmed, my coping strategy is to stay positive and focus on everything I have to be thankful for and it's working :-)
I was backing up my stuff cos D lost his external hard drive last weekend... really sad, cos it had loads and loads of movies and music :*(... well, I found lots of pictures to share, so here we go!!

Here's my dear friend Lebs. She's such an amazing woman! I've been making clothes for her since about '08 and she just inspires me. She celebrated her 18th wedding anniversary last year and D even didn't believe me when I told him! I hope that I can be a babe like her when I'm in my 40s, wearing the same dress size as my children even though they are taller than me ;-)

Simple and sweet dress made out of woodin. Coil effect with bronze taffeta at the bottom :-)
Shirt dress with diagonal zipper in front, pockets and belt... I like this dress cos it's one of those 'I can't believe it's ankara' dresses :-D
She bb'd me this pic of her looking really lovely as she was about to step out. This was a lace 2 piece number I made for her in 09.

This next set of pics are of a blouse I made for her that pushed me to extend myself.
You see, I love working with ankara. I actually started making clothes cos I wanted to make ankara into contemporary pieces. When I see our bright patterned African prints, I immediately think dresses and not 'native'.... I can work with other fabrics, but ankara still remains my firm favorite. When she brought this fabric, I was like, "you know I don't enjoy working with silk and chiffon"... but trust Lebs not to let me off easily! She said she liked the chiffon dresses I had made for her and so she wanted a dress and a top made out of this fabric. So I set to work.
Here's what it looked like after I cut it, put the ruffles on and was trying to decide what to do to the neckline
Too much fabric there! Not what I was expecting.... hmmm.. what do I do?
Then the Holy Spirit gave me an idea. He always teaches me what to do. I usually say that the best friend any tailor can have is the Holy Spirit. I once said that to one of my trainees that was a Muslim and she asked, who would be her own best friend? I told her to ask Him to help her anyways... He always comes through for me. I'm sure He'll help anyone who asks.

I decided to make an elastic band around the neck.
Day 2, after we put the elastic band. There's a lil bit of gaping in the armhole...

Gaping fixed, Final result

I'm hoping Lebs would send me a pic of her wearing it. When she does, I'll share.
I'll be posting even more pics, so do drop by soon :-)

Thanks for coming by again and again.
May your dreams come true xoxo

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Goodbye Gbemisoke Couture Nigeria

Hello :)

First I would like to say a BIG thank you for the show of love when I wasn't feeling well.I'm glad to report that I'm feeling much better now. I've not had much time to rest cos there's so much to get done. There are still a few loose ends to tie up and last minute errands to run as we get ready to leave naija next week. The scriptures say: He gives power to the faint and to them that have no might He increases strength.. That's my testimony.

I've experienced a myriad of emotions in the past few weeks. Closing down my business and saying goodbye to customers that have become friends and sisters over the years has been very emotional for me... Packing hasn't been easy either. I found fabrics that I have collected over the years, some that I bought up north during my service year, trimmings, buttons, all sorts that I bought from Tejuosho market before the 2007 fire incident. There's only so much I can take with me, so I've had to give out a lot of stuff and that's what made me realize how emotionally attached I am to some things. Giving away shoes and stuff like that wasn't hard for me, but I couldn't give away or sell my cutting table! We've been through so much together, plus it used to belong to my mum...It's got major sentimental value!!

Change is good. As I say goodbye to gbemisoke couture nigeria, I look forward to GREAT things.
I trust that as I follow God's lead, He'll do exceeding abundantly above my dreams and I'll testify.

Thanks for coming by again and again. May your dreams come true

Sunday, January 16, 2011

sewing like it's going out of fashion :-P

Hello People,

Your girl's been a lil under the weather :(
Since the photo shoot on Thursday (which went very well, thank God) I've been sewing like it's going out of fashion (pardon the pun) :-) One of my tailors called in sick on Friday and with so many last minute dresses to deliver, I've had to work extra hard.
I must have overworked myself cos I woke up this morning with a severe headache and a bad cold, my body's way of telling me to slow down. I spent the entire morning in bed and I'm glad to report that I'm feeling a lot better. Still a little woozy from all the medication though...

I'm glad I was able to join Sunday service online at :-D
My church is one of the things I'm going to miss about Lagos. I love how the word is served in such practical and easy to apply terms. I've been a member for quite a few years, I even met my husband and got married here. I love the people, I love the music, I love the children's church, I really love the pastors too. Rev. Sam and his wife, Pastor Nike are loving and warm. I've made some dresses for Pastor Nike over the years. Here's a pic I found in my archive

It's made out of black and white lace and black taffeta..
Thanks to facebook, I found these

I remember when Rev. Sam came to Houston last year! I had been away from Nigeria for about 5 months and was homesick. I had just dropped Nathan off at daycare that Monday morning and was driving past Dominion International Center on Beechnut when I saw the billboard advertising the conference my pastor was speaking at. I was ecstatic!!! It was in my neck of the woods and I was able to attend two of the sessions. Thank God I can join the services online...

I'm waiting on the amazing photographer, Babasola for the pics of the photo shoot.
Here are a couple of pics I took on my phone. I'll post the official ones as soon as I get them.

Here's me with a LOT of make up :)
Thanks for coming by again and again.

PS I'm so excited that three bloggers Ibhade,Dee and Beautiful nominated me for theStylish and Versatile blogger awards *grinning from ear to ear*... I only just started blogging and I'm humbled by the love and acceptance I have received from seasoned bloggers. Thank you soooo much. I've been unable to follow the rules and tag others cos I haven't been feeling well :(..... However, I promise to get to it sharp-sharp!!!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Smoking hot!!!


As I was getting ready for work this morning, I got a BB message.. "You should see the patchwork dress on me!!". It was from one of my new clients, Duupe. She publishes the wedding planner magazine. You can join the facebook group here.

What a great way to start my day! Just knowing there was a woman somewhere who was rocking a 'gbemisoke' number was enough to make my day.
She sent me a pic this evening and I'm so thrilled to see her looking so good in this shift dress, I thought I should share it with you :-)

You can order one for yourself. Drop me a line at and I'll give you details. It's made out of ankara and dry lace. I cut the different fabrics in 5 inch wide strips and joined them vertically, then I used black dry lace for one side in front and also for the pockets. She wore hers to work, I wore mine to church last Sunday. You can dress it up or down, depending on the occasion. You can be sure you'll stand out and feel special in it...

My friend , Tinuke who is a jewelry designer has asked me to collaborate with her on a photo shoot on thursday. I'm very excited about working with her because she makes such lovely jewelry. I don't have enough time to make anything over the top, cos of the big move, so we are going for simple dresses that would complement the pieces she has already created. We have two models and I'm making three dresses :-)
I'll share the pics soon, so watch this space...

Meet Tinuke of The Wright Jewelries. She's wearing a monostrap dress I made for her this Christmas. The top part is ruched, ever so slightly. I used black raw silk for that, and the rest of the dress is made out of french lace. I love it :-)

You can join her facebook group here

Here's a purple dress I made for a dear 'big sister' of mine, Tobi who lives in Croydon. It's made out of dry lace and purple satin... Watch out for her on the UK red carpets anytime soon :-)

Here's me @ work earlier today. I spent most of the day making patterns and cutting up fabric. Hectic but fun!
and guess who came to visit mommy @ work???

Alexis!! She's such a big girl now.... :-D

Thanks for coming by again and again. May your dreams come true xoxo

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Happy new year!

Happy new year good people :)

Is it just me or did this week legitimately FLY by!!!
I've been working non stop since Tuesday and it's been C-R-A-Z-Y... I'm reminded of how important it is to follow you passion, cos I find that I just have the strength to keep going, even when I'm extremely tired. Thankfully, my nanny didn't go on holiday, so I've got help with the munchkins, but my maid hasn't come back from what was supposed to be a week long visit to her family... I hope she comes back this weekend though, cos her school resumes on monday... While I sometimes feel I shouldn't have such a young maid, I know sending her back to her folks will mean that they'll just send her off to someone else, so I made it my responsibility to ensure that she gets an education. I really hope her parents let her come back cos they might send her off somewhere else if they will get more money, so I might never see her again. *sigh* Well, she can rad and write now, which she couldn't do before I met her.. I pray she'll be ok.

Not having domestic help is one of the things I'm going to miss the most about naija.... I'm sure I'll be fine, cos I know people who are doing such a great job holding down a job, school and being good moms. God's grace is sufficient for me. I was just telling D the other day that I'm sure God knew that there would be no amount that would suffice as payment for parenting, that's why He made it voluntary... All the munchkins have to do is smile, and no matter how tired I am, I find that I can still go on. I'm so thankful to God for the privilege of being a parent. I'm far from perfect (you should hear me scream :oP), but I would gladly be cook, maid, nanny, driver and everything else my kids need me to be :)

Work has been hectic and fun! Just before Christmas, I worked with a bride with a really small budget. She reminded me so much of myself when I was getting married, I was glad to help her out. I went with her to the market to buy the fabric for the traditional marriage ceremony and I made her a 2 piece outfit. Most people wear Iro and Buba, but she wanted a skirt and blouse and I was glad to oblige.

She's quite busty, so I boned her top to give her support. She didn't need to wear a bra.

I don't have a better pictures cos I couldn't attend the wedding, as I was neck deep in work. I got these thanks to facebook.

So, her husband called me on the morning of Tuesday the 21st asking if I could make a wedding dress for their wedding on Thursday the 23rd!!! 'What happened to the dress your brother was supposed to bring from London?', I asked. He said the dress didn't fit and she didn't like it. They brought the dress over and it wasn't so bad. She just didn't know how to lace it up properly. I laced it up and it was ok, in fact it really cinched in her waist and was very flattering. The only snag was her boobs were spilling over the top!! There was the option of making a bolero, but I didn't want her to spend the whole day pulling a jacket together, besides why cover the lovely dress? Time for some Gbemisoke magic!!! Thankfully, I found a piece of leftover beaded lace from a wedding dress I made in 08 and guess what? It was the exact same colour. I made a 'blouse' (I'm not sure exactly what to call it) and she wore the dress over it. It turned out quite well.
She was full of smiles....

As a full figured woman myself, I know firsthand how challenging it can be to find clothes that flatter the curves. I love creating pieces that solve problems for real women. Making patterns and building corsets require more time and effort than making basic pieces, but I find myself drawn to the more challenging process cos I love the final results. I'm experimenting with draping and I like the results I'm getting. Here's a pic of one of my experiments.

I'll post a pic of the final result soon. It's amazing what the right construction techniques can do to the female form :)

I've got so much going on right now!
I'm working with my jewelry designer friend, Tinuke on some designs for a photo shoot on Thursday. I'm also making a few ready-to-wear pieces. I'll put some pictures up soon. I'll have some stuff for sale, so you can buy yourself (or someone you love) something special ;)

It's about three weeks before we move and so there's a lot of last minute stuff to do... God help me!!!

Thanks for coming by again and again. May your dreams come true xoxoxo