Sunday, July 3, 2011

Zina's dress and some apple juice ;o)

Hello *waves and smiles*

By popular demand, I'll be sharing pics of some of the stuff I've made since I moved to Houston.
This was my first custom order. Zina found me here and after a couple of emails back and forth, she came over and we ended up gisting for hours :o)

She's a wedding planner and she had a wedding coming up she wanted to make a dress for.
She brought this blue satin fabric, showed me a couple of pictures, we discussed her options and decided on this dress, breaking up the blue with a touch of black.
Here's the pic I took before her first fitting.
It's not a halter neck dress, I just put the straps up for the pic.
Here's the pic she sent me. I wish everyone would be nice enough to send me pics, so I can share them with you. You see, I don't think the body form does the clothes justice and you get a much better   view when they take the pic all dressed up.
Thanks Zina. You make my work look good 

Would you like some Apple juice or La Casera?
On our way back from church today, we stopped at the store and since Alexis was asleep, I decided to go in and let D stay in the car with the munchkins. This transpired when I was gone.

Nathan had just finished drinking water from a bottle when he told his dad he needed to "pee-pee". You see, he always waits till the very last minute to tell you when he needs to go, so we are used to dropping everything to rush him to the restroom whenever he yells "I'mma pee-pee"

D was on the phone when he heard him yelling, so he told his friend he would have to call him back cos the lil' man needed to go and he had no idea how he was going to make it into the store and then to the restroom in time, seeing as he also had to carry sleeping Alexis, get out the stroller and all that.

"Don't you have a plastic bottle in the car?" his friend asked. "Just let him pee in it". Great idea!
So Nathan peed in the bottled and everything was fine. Right?

Yeah, up until the point where Nathan looked at his pee in the plastic bottle and decided it looked like apple juice!! He began to fuss and whine... I want my juice, my juice, my juiiiiiiccccceeee!!!
D was like, "Juice ko, la casera ni!"

I laughed and laughed when he told me, and then I remembered Adura Ojo's "I want to give you water" post on Naijalines. I'm still laughing. Have a great week and happy fourth of July celebrations!

Thanks for coming by again and again.
May your dreams come true.