Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Gbemi's got her cooking mojo on overdrive... and some fab dresses too :o)

So here are the pics I promised :o)

Here's my "Gbemskiluzi" special "obe ata dindin" inspired by 9jafoodie
So, she said to add basil leaves to the dish and when I got to the store, I didn't remember what leaves she said, so I bought parsley *hides face in shame*... just kidding :o)
I garnished the rice with the parsley and steamed some broccoli... Believe me, I enjoyed every bit of it. I usually serve my food with a salad plate so that even with a small portion, the plate looks really full... this helps my mind think I've had a lot. I still went for a second helping though :P

So D didn't want rice, so I boiled him some yam :D... I think I got a pass mark cos he went for more too...
Seeing as this blog's focus is not food, (sorry, fellow foodies)*insert wicked laughter here*.... Here are a couple of pics of yours truly rocking gbemisoke... You remember the dresses I made for the twins for our friend, Ro's wedding? You can find that post here. Well I didn't finish my own dress in time for the wedding, and I promised to post pics later. Today is later :o) It's a tulip dress with pockets. Yeah, I love pockets :o) The sleeves are overlapping and I embellished the shoulder area with some crystals... I love this dress and I've worn it over and over and over and...(ok, you catch my drift)... hehehe. My point is, clothes are solutions. I make pieces that solve problems, so if you ever need a solution provider for custom made clothes, think GBEMISOKE :o)
Here's another dress I really love. We handstitched about 20 dozen crystals around the neckline and pockets. The result, a simple bejeweled shift dress that had me feeling like a million dollars. Feel good clothes are my forte. When a woman looks good, she feels in my own lil' way, I'm making the world a better place, one gbemisoke wearing woman at a time.
PS After I wore this dress, I realized that it was about 2 inches too long!! I have since fixed that 'issue', with the full support of D (my accomplice) *grinning* and will be rocking it soon. Good thing the cold's going away fast :o)

Thanks for coming again and again.
May your dreams come true xoxoxo


  1. ...Yum yUM Yum.... The obe ata looks amazing!!!! .
    hoooo.. I love your dresses. I might have to commission you to make me 2 ankara dresses for the summer!!! *wink*

  2. My mentor! Coming from you, that's an A+... It would be my pleasure to hook you up! drop me a line... :o)

  3. HAHAHAHHA...I am loving this!!! So 9jaFOODie is gaining disciples for "cookidom" ehn?! Omy, I like the dress with the hand stitched embellishments... really nice! Plus that food looks yummy o and very the recipe on 9jaFOODie's?
    plus i dnt think you can ever go wrong with parsley! I am telling you!!!

  4. Yeah! soon we'll have some sort of club going on...I suggest we meet up at a gym though :P
    Yes she's got the recipe.
    I'm glad you like the dress. Well worth all the man-hours. You could order one, you know... *hint*

  5. From HoneyDame and here too, you people will not kill me with food o, lol. Wish I were in your area, I'll surely ask you for some commissions.

  6. Gbemi! Gbemi!! Gbemi!!!
    Making me hungry again? That ata dindin looked inviting.

  7. Gbemisoke!
    This ata dindin is inspiring O!
    Try having the ata dindin plus steamed broccoli with the boiled yam. Really tastes good. (My Dad's favorite)
    I will send u my pics rocking my orange dress soon.
    Thanx a bunch!

  8. 9jafoodie! you are causing a revolution in the kitchen o!..hahahhaa...broccoli?.. no be me & you shaaa..but i like the obe ata ooo..hehehheee...ohhhhhhh..just look at the shift dresses! simple & elegant!..a classic anyday,& time.. you are damn good sistah!

  9. OMG my mouth is watering already you and 9ijafoodie won't kill us with food. Love both dresses, those embellishments are really great. Good job

  10. food and dresses look good. I LOL @ the parsley instead of basil. It's like it didn't matter in the end. The food looks appetizing...

  11. @Myne
    I'm sure I can post you something

    @ PET
    Sweeeerat!! come and eat joor ;o)

    Thanks for stopping by. I'm looking forward to that pic xxx

  12. @ NG
    9jafoodie is my mentor oh! Her presentation skills are great. I'm learning a lot from her
    lol @ d broccoli comment
    Thanks xxx

    Thanks dear. Your niece is inspiring me gaan!

    Thanks. All's well that ends well :o)

  13. lol.....Y'all are hilarious. we are for sure starting a food revolution....It's time for African food to show it Logo :D
    Gbemi mehnn.. I will email u. do u have skype?

  14. lolzzz... I see TV in our future!!
    I'll email you my skype ID

  15. You have style and the food looks so good. lol


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