Friday, February 11, 2011

No one will grant your wishes, you better make them happen

Thanks for all your kind words and prayers... You will never know how much your support has blessed me. May you never be without help in Jesus name.

So we've all adjusted our internal clocks and are getting used to the weather. The coward in me didn't dare brace the cold until yesterday when I absolutely had to buy diapers and wipes for Alexis. I was also able to get supplies for this mouthwatering delicacy from 9jafoodie, whose blog I've been stalking since I found her 3 days ago :o)
I love that the parts of meat like tripe, kidney and heart that are more expensive than beef in naija are actually cheaper here :o) As you've probably figured, food ranks really close to sewing on my list of things I love, so I'm in heaven!!! *note to self-renew gym membership sharpish* hahaha...

I found this lovely lovely image/quote on Diane's blog and I thought to share
Imma give my best and make my mark in fashion, even if it means I have to work my butt off! I don't expect anyone to hand anything to me on a platter of gold, so I'm goin' seize it! Yes baby!!

You've probably seen this pic of Michelle Obama's $35 H&M dress. Her stylist added sleeves and changed the sash to a belt, probably because of her pregnancy.
She's positively glowing and I think she looks AMAZING..I'm not sure about the colour of her shoes though... Her stylist(s) (she must have a huge team, I'm sure) must know what they are doing, so I guess it's fine. For her? yes. for me? errm no...

We're off to look at some apartments...
Thanks for coming by again and again. May your dreams come true

ps.. To everyone that sent me an email enquiry about the clothes I have for sale, thank you. I'll post the pics of the clothes I have for sale soon... my stuff is already taking so much space in my kind host's home, I'll hate to be a nuisance by scattering everything. Thanks for your patience :o)


  1. Gbemi,
    This bowl of rice is KILLING me!

    Be careful with food oh! Food abroad is a 'trap'. Before one knows what's happening, you have become an orobo - I should know! *sigh

    Happy flat-hunting!

  2. awww.... aren't you just the sweetest. thanks for the shout out to M.A.C.

    I cant wait to see all ur sewing pick!!

  3. I guarantee you, Michelle Obama isn't pregnant...:-)

  4. Miss you lot

    Upsy Daisy

  5. Wow, Michelle Obama is pregnant? As for the title of this, so so true. All the best in settling in.

  6. Michelle pregnant???...was not aware....yellow shoes with red sash & white polka dotted black dress?...n-a-y! should had used white shoes or red..shikenna!

    Yes o! shaki, brokoto, liver & kidney cheap yanful, yanful for there ooo...just like 9jamum, be careful so that you don't become orhobo like me o!..hehehheh

    Goodluck in your search.

  7. Mmmmmmm...that food looks tasty!!!

    Michelle is preggers??? Wow!

    Have fun apartment hunting!!!

  8. Welcome, hope the weather is treating you kind. That bowl of rice is calling my name!

  9. Hmmm, good to know you are settling down fine...

    Those shoes do not go with the dress, no way!

    Hope you get a lovely apartment...

  10. Thanks for stopping by my blog.....Your designs are so exquisite... I really enjoy and love to sew,it's my therapy, I tell people it's cheaper than paying a I use patterns but try to design simple ones sometimes, I am not a designer in any way, Great job, and wishing you all the best

  11. Michelle Obama is pregnant? I must live under a rock.

    I am not a fan of matching my shoes closely to my clothing so I can understand the shoes. However, I have to agree that the color combination may have been better if she did not have the color of that sash to contend with.

  12. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Didnt know Michelle was preggers. Oh! the food looks tasty. I would love to see your designs.

  13. @ Naijamum
    Thanks for the heads-up... I'll be careful(so help me God!!!)

    @ 9jafoodie
    :D.. you know you're my mentor now xxx

    Really? I read the story online oh! I had better research the info before I start posting false gist. Thanks

    @Upsy Daisy
    awww...I miss you more xoxo

  14. @ Myne
    It was all over tweeter a few weks ago, and I read it on some blog somewhere. I'll check again.

    hahaha I promise to watch my weight oh!! Too much temptation!

    Thanks dear

  15. @Bfab
    Thanks. It was quite cold when we got in, but thankfully, it's warmed up a bit. That bowl.. hmmm.. lead us not into temptation! :o)

    Thanks dear. The shoes? I agree.

    Exquisite? coming from you, that's a huge compliment. Thank you. You're right about sewing being therapeutic and fun. You are a designer oh! From what I've seen on your blog, you are. A really good one at that. Keep up the good work xxx

  16. @ Natural Nigerian
    Thanks for dropping by. Yeah, without the sash, the shoes might have worked. I just left your blog. I like :o)

    Thanks for coming by. There are loads of pics in my previous posts. I'll put some new ones up as soon as we're settled. Watch this space!

  17. Now i'm hungry,psssh*
    And oh I see you Michelle...


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