Sunday, July 15, 2012


That's me. It doesn't take a lot to get me teary eyed and now that I can blog on the go, I'll share my TEARJERKERS, as I call them, with you. 

I can't watch this show without crying. Every week, a millionaire leaves his comfy life and goes undercover to an impoverished area, working with organizations that help disadvantaged people. Pretending to be filming a documentary on volunteering, he works with them for a week, at the end of which he reveals his identity and writes them a check. Touching stuff. 

Today's millionaire, Jeff, goes just 30mins away from his opulent side of town to run-down San Anantonio, Texas. He volunteers with Team Ability, a learning center that teaches parents the skills they need to help their children with profound disabilities. Orlando, a 13 year old who suffers from Cerebral Palsy is one of their patients. His mum is such a positive person, describing her son as "a blessing", she said "I feel God doesn't give us more than we can handle and I believe He gave him to me for a reason". Tearing up, she said "I couldn't ask for more, caring for Him is rewarding" 

What a positive outlook to life. Jeff, the millionaire, was in tears. He said "God's placed something in her that is not in me." Watching her being so grateful, even with a child that's wheelchair bound who needs round the clock care, I'm reminded that I have a lot to learn from her and lots to be thankful for. They went to their home to deliver a home made learning center and the look on the boy's face... Wow!! Orlando's dad, Ross, who had never been to any of his therapy sessions cos he has to work long hours, broke down in tears. Tough guy.

He gave Team Ability $40,000. Now they can help so many more low-income high-need families. He also gave this group that teaches boxing to help kids build their self esteem and keep them off the streets $35,000. He gave Habitat for Safe Seniors, a group that helps provide groceries for older people $85,000! See tears on tears on tears.. There wasn't a single dry eye.

Being able to help others, especially when they can't give you anything back has to be the bestest feeling ever. You might not be able to pay them back, but how about we all decide to pay it forward?

So, Has anyone ever helped you like this? Wanna share?

You can watch this episode on the ABC website here


  1. I don't think there isn't anyone that won't shed a tear when this story is told. Thank goodness for people with such LARGE hearts

    1. Yeah, there was hardly a dry eye on the show.

  2. I pray that God should bless me so that I can bless others.


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