Thursday, June 30, 2011

Arrghhh!! Bad Request : ERROR 400

I'm soooooo vexed and it's all bloggers fault!!!

So I was up till 2am writing. There was just a lot on my mind and since writing helps me clarify my thoughts, I took my time and broke my own personal record for longest post ever... Well not longest post I ever wrote, but longest time I ever spent trying to put a post together and as I attempted to publish, I saw

Bad Request : ERROR 400

"What's all this now, ehn Blogger? I muttered angrily, "Quit messing with me joor!!"
Well, I was having a hard time staying awake, so I copied and pasted the post in a notepad as back up and went to bed, hoping to try again this morning.

Fast forward a few hours, I tried again, same thing! The blogger bar didn't even appear at all  this time!
Thinking it could be a problem with my laptop, I turned on D's own and signed in, no error message. Relieved, I found the draft and guess what?
No post!! All I found were the first few lines I scribbled!!!


"Breathe Gbemi, Shebi you saved saved back up? Ehn ehn, just email it to yourself, open it here and publish" I told myself.... Back to my lappy, Nothing there! No saved notepad document, NOTHING!!!  And the error page now doesn't take me back to my post.

Arrghhhhhhhhh!!!What Rubbish!!!
My lil man's fav cartoon character... errmm, he's sorta kinda mine now too :oP

I can't even picture myself attempting to write that post again cos my mind was in a totally different zone last night. All I can think of this morning is :

  1. Food (I'm an emotional eater. Eating makes me feel better)
  2. My client that's driving three hours from Austin for a fitting. (I'm hoping that goes well cos the styles she and her daughter brought ehn?!) I'll show you the pictures and my interpretation soon.  
  3. How I must get to the store so I can use those coupons that expire today
  4. How the first half of the year ends today and I'm scared to do a goal review 
  5. Bills Bills Bills
That, my friends is how blogger swallowed a post that took me hours to write. Time I could have spent sewing, or sleeping, or cuddling  or on other extra-curricular activities ;o)
Next time when I want to clarify my thoughts, I'll just grab my journal and keep it old school!

"Why are you ranting Gbemi, kini big deal? It's happened to others before. Quit being so dramatic!!"
You just thought that didn't you? Why are you looking behind you?? You! Yes you!! I read your mind and I'm coming to get you. 
*Cue action movie soundtrack* hahahahaha!
Scared you? Maybe not. But I'm laughing and I feel better

Have a great day!


  1. i feel your pain. whats funny is as im typing this, theres an error page in your "follow me on twitter" box lol.

  2. LWKMD! hhahhaha... sorry you lost ur note. ekpele hen

  3. =)) i no fit laugh oooooo, i de smile de laugh "gdion(join like Ijaw)... So sorry Gbemi,kini big deal? i even lik the way you lined out this post... :d

  4. Awwwww, so sorry. It is really painful. I do my own posts on word before transferring to blogger so I have never gone throughy this. pele


    Check me out:

  6. sorry...ehn?
    It happened to some1 else as well, I think its sorted now. Just incase of next time, after writing....copy and paste it onto microsoft word until you see its on your profile. love alwaysxxx

  7. =)) This is such a hilarious post, pele @ losing your blog post, blogger can be so annoying. I know @ goals review, I so am not looking fwd to doing it too! I love Sponge Bob too and I must get my son to like it, lol.

  8. Awww sorry about losing your post! It happened to me once and I wanted to tear my hair out! lol xx

  9. I feel you re: the lost post. Blogger can be a nightmare sometimes

    As for No 5 - bills, bills, bills - I am afraid that is the bane of most immigrants' lives abroad

  10. Sorry o.

    Was going to use some coupons yesterday only to get to the store to find out they're expired. I guess I need more skills and devotion in my goal to be an "extreme couponer".

  11. Hahha... I told you ma, you are yet to subscribe ni. I will send you the account number to subscribe to k? haha.

    Well, its happened to me twice before; even on facebook while trying to post Winning Word a few times. E pele ma. lol

    As the second half of the year begins, may the Lord cause His hands to rest upon all that you lay your hands upon in Jesus' name. Stay blessed ma.

    - LDP

  12. I read your post before going to work. It made my day. We all have deleted document hanging in the ISP space or somewhere. Where do these lost files go anyway? You have a great sense of humour. Please, I'd be back to read more posts.

  13. Awww, sis laugh it all away jare.
    Blogger is a mess sometimes but not to worry, im sure soon enough the inspiration will flow for another post.

    As for the bills, you'll get by, the Lord will provide.

  14. Blessings....
    I enjoyed this post....why? Well it made me laugh and because it gave great insight into your personality. May i suggest you download windows live writer? it allows you to post directly into your blog and also save a draft copy. "Try it, you may like, its what I use, works for me, may work for you, who knows, what you got to loose anyways?"

    If that is you, you are beautiful.

    Be fabulous and have a fun filled weekend.

  15. lol blogger has its own mind sometime...sorry about that.

  16. Gbemisoke,I have to say this,yhu are amazing and Iloveyhu

  17. Lol darling, you definitely made my day. Pele

  18. OOps!!! So sry about that,happened to me once but wasn`t anything major coz i type on notepad before copying and pasting on blogger . I love the way u put it in humor form..we all laughing lol

  19. Mwahahahaha. Pele. Ndo. Sorry. There will be other posts where that came from. I promise.
    I normally write in Outlook then post to blogger. that way I have back-up always!!!
    Hope you had a great weekend. Have an even better week ahead!!

  20. Hahahahha...glad you are feeling much better... blogger can annoy me sometines ehn!

  21. Hehehehehehe, oh this is just so hilarious!

    I av been a victim too but fortunately, I had back up :)

    Pictures, wanna see!

  22. Extra-curricular activities. Igbadun l'ewa

  23. Lolol! I feel your frustration! No be small ting to lose a whole post jare.

  24. yeah, blogger has done it to yours truly so many times
    so i save it on my laptop first in a special folder
    and then i copy and paste


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