Sunday, July 3, 2011

Zina's dress and some apple juice ;o)

Hello *waves and smiles*

By popular demand, I'll be sharing pics of some of the stuff I've made since I moved to Houston.
This was my first custom order. Zina found me here and after a couple of emails back and forth, she came over and we ended up gisting for hours :o)

She's a wedding planner and she had a wedding coming up she wanted to make a dress for.
She brought this blue satin fabric, showed me a couple of pictures, we discussed her options and decided on this dress, breaking up the blue with a touch of black.
Here's the pic I took before her first fitting.
It's not a halter neck dress, I just put the straps up for the pic.
Here's the pic she sent me. I wish everyone would be nice enough to send me pics, so I can share them with you. You see, I don't think the body form does the clothes justice and you get a much better   view when they take the pic all dressed up.
Thanks Zina. You make my work look good 

Would you like some Apple juice or La Casera?
On our way back from church today, we stopped at the store and since Alexis was asleep, I decided to go in and let D stay in the car with the munchkins. This transpired when I was gone.

Nathan had just finished drinking water from a bottle when he told his dad he needed to "pee-pee". You see, he always waits till the very last minute to tell you when he needs to go, so we are used to dropping everything to rush him to the restroom whenever he yells "I'mma pee-pee"

D was on the phone when he heard him yelling, so he told his friend he would have to call him back cos the lil' man needed to go and he had no idea how he was going to make it into the store and then to the restroom in time, seeing as he also had to carry sleeping Alexis, get out the stroller and all that.

"Don't you have a plastic bottle in the car?" his friend asked. "Just let him pee in it". Great idea!
So Nathan peed in the bottled and everything was fine. Right?

Yeah, up until the point where Nathan looked at his pee in the plastic bottle and decided it looked like apple juice!! He began to fuss and whine... I want my juice, my juice, my juiiiiiiccccceeee!!!
D was like, "Juice ko, la casera ni!"

I laughed and laughed when he told me, and then I remembered Adura Ojo's "I want to give you water" post on Naijalines. I'm still laughing. Have a great week and happy fourth of July celebrations!

Thanks for coming by again and again.
May your dreams come true.


  1. GOOD WORK!! The dress is beautiful :) i just can`t stop laughing,looking at his pee ans now wants an apple Epic. Happy 4th July. :)

  2. The dress is pretty...well done

    haha...that story was funny, I actually laffed out loud.

  3. Lol@ 'Juice ko, Lacasera ni'

    Lovely dress


  4. Cute dress!

    lol @ the apple juice story!

  5. Thou art talented and Zina looks gorgeous!!!

  6. lovely dress! :)
    LOL@ lacasera.nice idea ey

  7. @Didi
    Thanks. Have some apple juice for me as u celebrate tomorrow ;)

    I love love love your blog! Where have I been?!

    Yay!!! you came today!!
    Well, you usually do, but you actually left a comment?! I should throw a party!
    Love you to bits and I misssssss you so much

    Everybody, that's my lil' sister, Busola and I love her!

  8. @Blessing
    Your story is an inspiration!
    God bless you for sharing

    That Porthacourt story on your blog sent shivers down my spine! God help us!

    Thanks. I'll never look at LaCasera the same agin. Ever!

  9. Blessings sistah and may this week be splendid for you.

    I wish i could sew like you. my talent extends only to the small...i.e. hemming skirt/pants, darts, a little pouch purse with pull string but thats it.

    we are all blessed with talents....
    nuture your blessings...

  10. Gbemi, the very joys of parenthood and innovation

  11. So lovely. Simple, yet elegant.

  12. chai!!!!!! if only i could sew as good as you. chai...the things ill do. *dreaming*

    ps: the dress is lovely.

    thanks for stopping by my blog.

  13. You actually did justice to that dress, really like it.

    I'm still LOLing to your Juicy story!!!

  14. Cute dress...It also helps that the wearer looks good abi ;)

    Re: the juice...I laughed oh!

    We (my family) always have empty 2 litre bottles in our boot whenever we are going on long drives.

    We have learnt - the hard way - that having three little boys screaming 'Mum, I cant hold it anymore!!!!' - while you are driving is no fun. LOL

  15. Oh Gbemi! I laughed out really loud! Bless............

  16. awwwwww...that dres is sooo lovely!! ;)

  17. Beautiful dress maam..well done!!
    LOL your son is too cute i was actually playing how the scenario will look like in my head..buhahahaha

  18. That dress is gorgeous!

    :)) Nathan wants Apple Juice na! You got me laughing so hard...

  19. lovely dress :)

    lol @ la casera.

  20. Lacasera indeed! loool! lwkmd! And, the dresses are lovely. Your creativity is applaudable ma.

  21. Oh Lawd Jesus!!!!!These kids are just......clowns!!!!

  22. :)) "Juice ko..lacasera".. lmao.
    the dress looks fab! Great job

  23. =)) Juice ko La Casera ni, LMHO oooo :))

    Btw, Lovely dress,can ‎​you send the style to my email? ;)

    God bless the works of your hands amen

  24. Oh my God you did a good job.
    Very beautiful I must say.
    I'm cracking out. So did he forget that he was the one that did the act? Kids eh! You can never comprehend what goes on in their minds.

  25. I want the dress and the juice pleaseeee :((

  26. Lovely!! It's true, the body form didn't do the dress much justice.

    Haha at the apple juice

    PS. I've changed my blog url! I decided to keep the blog on Blogger after all. Check out the link: Sorry for the inconvenience X_x

    Muse Origins (formerly The Corner Shop)

  27. The dress looks great on her! great job :d Your son is super hilarious, lol @ wanting to drink his pee.

  28. Nice dress, i'm lolling here about the pee gist oh.

  29. LOL! Children sha.

    The dress looks lovely, Gbemi. Well done.

  30. Lmao! Basketmouth aint gat nufin on ur Nathan oh......lolololol.

    Well done on the dress, I love it when a dress just fits! Beautiful!

  31. Nice dress... The way ladies' dress these days dey tight ehn... in fact. Watch out for my note on facebook - "The beauty of inconvenience" .. haha

    Nathan is funny mehn! KIDS! Has he forgotten he peed in the bottle just now? haha

    - LDP

  32. lol... the dress looks nice.

    lol@ Nat.... funny dude...

  33. She rocked the dress well. Ha haa@ your son wanting to drink pee.

  34. That dress is nice girl! I love it! great job! I love the blog! I gave you an award on my blog! View the details on the post!

    Much Love and God Bless!

  35. i'm so angry with blogger, they dont send me updates and the follow icon is now working :-L

    Daddy I want apple juice LMAO! Kids are just cute with the things they do and say... such innocence!

    I want a dress too!

  36. Lol!!!!!
    And nice dress!!!!Well done!

  37. Gbemi:

    LOL @ "juice ko, la casera ni"...I almost wanted to suggest that you take a picture of the bottle and show it to him when he's much older (I am sure he will deny ever doing such....LOL!) The dress definitely looked better on Zina than on the body form. Thanks for stopping by my blog too!

  38. Gbemi, thanks for the laff!! Oh mine, kids!!
    Good to know you are raising a 'green' kid. Recycle, recycle!!

    That dress is beautifully made. More grease Madame!

  39. i love your designs... i saw the other one on twitter yesterday and let's just say i'm gonna be harassing you to make clothes for me very soon.
    :)) @ lacasera, your hubby is very funny

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  41. I'm still laughing so much, oh children! Have a lovely weekend dear.

  42. nice outfit, really great work, such an inspiration...:=)

  43. afi lacasera na =))...children sha.
    The outfit is really nice

  44. LOOOOOLS! not to take away from the point of your blog but am so Loving Nathan

  45. LOL!!! I can't stop laughing. Kids do the best jokes without realizing it. That's a fab dress, really flattering. And thanks for the link:-)

  46. That dress is banging!
    You're lil man is so funny. Childrens, they'll have you in stitches if you're not careful. Hahahaha!

  47. Hello Gbemi,
    I just saw this Post.. And am soo BLUSHING from all your FINE FOLLOWERS Comments... But i really Loved my Dress, still do. Am going to rock it soon in September i think,when i have another special EVENT but of course not in Houston (wink wink) Thanks a Lot for making me FAB
    Love ZINA..........

  48. love love the dress and the story about apple juice was too cute. I awarded you the sunshine award, please check out my blog for more information

  49. Lovely dress.... U're truly talented

  50. LOVELY DRESS...wish u were in Naija....would av patronised u....:(

    afi lacasera o....the innocence of a child simply amazing and hillarious at times...God bless your jewels....

    u seem to av been scarce on blogsville..hope u r good, hows life in houston???

  51. hellooooooooooooooooooooooooo...... hope u are great... Just checking on u love..


  52. Missed ur write ups,wats the latest wit u so far?


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