Sunday, August 18, 2013

This Time Last Year

Last weekend was a tax holiday, perfect time to get everything the munchkins need for the new school year. As I went from store to store, ticking off items from my shopping list, I remembered the events of this time last year.

What was supposed to be a quick shopping trip for Alexis and I, leaving the boys at home to bond, ended up with The Hubs calling 911 when we hadn't returned at almost midnight.

I was sure I blogged about it and I came looking for a post I never wrote. I was pained. I couldn't remember the details. I was sure I shared it though, so I checked my Twitter archives and I was super excited to find my tweets from last year.

I found a picture too.
The Hubs took this picture of Alexis and I as we left for the mall.
Mini Me and I, off to do what girls like to do...Shop ;)
Thanks to Storify, I can share the story here, one year later, as I tweeted it

Blogger feels more permanent than Twitter and it's where I should chronicle my stories. I really should post more, I know... There's so much going on in my life that should be documented. Stories that will fade into distant memories soon...

This girl needs to fix up and quit making excuses.

*Note to self* Stopeeet Gbemi! Stopeeet!!!

I'm writing this from a happy place. I'm learning not to let life's external pressure mess with my mind. I've not mastered it yet, but I'm definitely getting better. God's got me. If I believe it, I should live it. A lot has happened since August 18th 2012 and today, exactly one year later, I am reminded that I have a lot to be thankful for. I take none of my blessings, especially the ones that money cannot buy, for granted.

I'm grateful for, and to you, Debola.
When I count my blessings, I count you twice.

This Time Last Year

This Time Last Year

Lemme tell you the story of the missing phone and how my husband called 911 cos he thought I was missing

    I ran into an old friend at the mall and we had such a great time catching up, I lost track of time...

    ...I called The Hubs as I rushed to the car and he said I could take my time cos he had put the boys to bed already...

    ...I dropped the phone on the hood and bundled sleeping Alexis and all the shopping in the car and drove off, forgetting it there...

    I was about 5 minutes from home when I ran into traffic, so I reached for my phone to let him know. That was when I remembered.

    20mins away from the mall and not sure how soon I would make it home cos of the crash, I thought going back was a better option, so I did.

    Pushed the pedal to the metal and made it back to parking lot. No phone :(. Used the Mall Cop's phone to call, phone was still ringing.

    Made a report, searched some more, nothing. By now, it was past 11 and The Hubs was worried cos he kept getting my voicemail.

    He called my friend I was gisting with at the mall. Found her number on my BB. She said I had left. He was worried and called 911.

    Then I showed up. The way he held me when he saw me. I must confess, I felt special. :P

    He called 911 to report my return and as I sat on the stairs watching this man say "my wife is back", my heart swelled.

    I cant describe the feeling. I'm grateful that I have someone to worry about me.

    I don't have parents to worry about me, but he more than makes up for it. I do not take it for granted.

    911 dispatcher: describe your wife. Is she small, medium or large? Debola: Err.. none of the above. She's chubby.

    I'm not going to wait for the people I love to die before they know how I feel about them. Are you?

    Memories... That's all we'll be left with... It's totally up to us to decide if they'll be good or bad.
  • Of course, I got teased for tweeting my "cool story". I lovvveeet, lemme not lie, or as we say on Twitter, TBQHAF!

    This one from my dear "Komole Bot" was one of the ones I liked the most.

  • -_- @Abyurla: Cool story sista Gbemi. Missing 3week old Android turned love story

  • She's right... I'm a love lover... grateful for every day I get to experience the awesomeness that love is. Living, loving and laughing, making the best of today, because tomorrow is not promised. 

    Thanks for coming by again and again.
    May your dreams come true
    :* :* :*


    1. I'm not wiping away a tear. No of cos I'm not, water spilled on my face from heaven as I got to that "memories that's all we'll be left with" part, I think I even choked a lil.

      I'm the happiest for your 1st Storify post, you know how long I've been on this p. I'm never giving up

      1. Of course, it's water from heaven... amean... :)

    2. This. Is just. Wow! The not-so-little things that we take for granted... To have someone that worries about you... I waaaaaaaaaaant!

      1. When I hear people complain about their folks calling them too much and things like that, I wonder if they realize how good they have it. Having someone worry about you is a big deal.

    3. Awwww this is so special. The part that you said you don't have any parents but he makes up for it. God bless him.

    4. I had goose bumps while reading this. I shall never complain anymore about getting too many calls from my folks. Never again! Thanks for sharing sis *hugs*

      1. "Never again!" Me likey. Hugs right back :)

    5. awww. this story made me smile. Could feel the love he has for you. Beautiful!

      1. :) I don't ever want to get to a point where I take it for granted that I'm loved... I'm grateful.

    6. hmmmmm.....
      You could have called the poor man and let him know you were with a friend and will be home late! Oh poor dear, imagine it the other way around, you would have bash him with a pot in the head for worrying you and not having enough consideration to at least call you so you wouldn't, lol, lol

      1. Lol at "bash him with a pot in the head"

        I did call. That's how the phone ended up on the hood of the car and got lost. I only realized it was lost when I tried to call again. I'm considerate like that :)


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