Friday, August 10, 2012


Every vacation plan we made this year refused to happen.

We had planned to go to South Africa and I was really looking forward to it cos my sister and her husband were going to meet up with us there, but thanks to our time share and the S.A. embassy, no joy. They got there today and it's taking all the willpower I have not to be sad.

I really really needed a break, especially after 11 weeks of being in zombie mode when The Hubs was out of town, so I asked his cousin if she could have the munchkins sleepover at hers for one night. She offered to take them for two and I was so excited, our bags were packed by Tuesday morning, even though we were not scheduled to leave till Wednesday.

Unfortunately, she cancelled on Tuesday night. There was a stomach bug going around and they weren't feeling well. I was so disappointed, I switched to I-want-to-move-back-home-mode. All I wanted was to wake up in a room that wasn't mine and not have to think about the kids for 48 hours.

The Hubs offered to stay back and let me go for the two days, but I declined. The holiday I had planned in my head included having lots and lots of bedroom activity, so going without him was out of the question. Sad sad sad. Until he came up with the improvised vacation idea, which I have named ImproVacation :D. We're home, the kids too, but I'm on holiday. I'm being spoiled silly and I love it. I could get used to this. It's been a lot of fun. My super hero came to the rescue :D:D:D

Day 1: Mediterranean buffet. At the restaurant The Hubs kept commenting on the interior... Columns, beams, stuff architects talk about... All I could think of was the food. Baked fish, kebab... *deep sigh*....  Thinking about all that food is making me hungry. I'm off to grab something to eat and I'll be back to tell you about day 2.

After the movie. We saw Total Recall and loved it !


  1. Enjoyment galore! It's good to relax once in a while, and your hubs giving it to you well well :D;;)

  2. So so beautiful
    I know what its like to 'just need a break'
    Take care sweetie and relax

    1. With three boys, you would know, for sure. I can imagine you have your hands full, now that they are on holiday. :)

  3. Myne is naughtttttttttttyyy lool..

    oo gbemisoke am innocent ohh.. don't spoil me oh "loads of bedroom activities". covers

    aww u two look adorable together. God will continue to bless your union... am sure u had plenty of fun..

    awaiting day 2 gist


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