Saturday, May 14, 2011

I wish I was anonymous!!

I wish I was anonymous!!

I really do. There's so much going on in my life right now that I would love to blog about and being anonymous would make me feel a lot "safer".

This blog is really about my journey to becoming a "World Class Couturier" and not all the stuff that goes on in my mind, but even though I've been really busy making clothes for my new clients, I haven't had the desire to put up pictures of stuff I've made or blog about the ups and downs of starting from scratch and all that. It all just doesn't seem as important to me as it normally would...

Hubby being away in Naija, making me sole caregiver for the munchkins while dealing with my internal conflicts and trying to meet the demands of my growing client base has been a HUGE learning experience.
Back home, I was always surrounded by people and always had someone to delegate tasks to. I was able to get a whole lot done without getting exhausted. My mother taught me that the secret of the Proverbs 31 woman was that she knew how to delegate and I must have become so used to living like that, doing everything myself is taking some getting used to, which, until I can afford to pay for help is the reality of my life.

I haven't even gotten round to ordering business cards yet and I've been so busy, I had to turn down two people this week. I wish I didn't have to, but there's only so much I can do by myself and I refuse to make promises I cannot keep. I cannot complain though, because I have enjoyed abundant grace. I find that scripture "He gives power to the faint and to them that have no might, He increases strength" to be my testimony.

Hubby came back last week *BBM dancing smiley*
I would've told you all I've been up to if I was anonymous, but I'll keep stuff PG and just say that life's good and I've got my groove back ;o)
I've been in "enjoyment mode"... lounging and enjoying cos he doesn't want me to stress myself.  Perhaps, a simple blood test when I was "blue" would have revealed I had low Oxytocin levels and a dose of "D" would've sorted me out... hahaha
Seriously though, I am convinced that God designed life to be enjoyed. While He doesn't promise us that there would be no challenges, His plan is for us not to walk alone. I am grateful for the privilege to walk this journey with D and I do not take it for granted. Perhaps this is because I know that having it so good is  not because I'm smarter or sharper than the next person. It's just God's grace

More important than this amazing relationship D and I share is this walk with God which I find to be beyond what my mind can comprehend. What if I didn't know Him?
Well, lets just say I'm glad I do and would love for you to come to know Him too (if you do not already)
He's made my life beautiful. He can do even more for you.

Thanks for coming by again and again
May your dreams come true

Thank you NaijaMum in London. God bless you.
Signed, Your self imposed sister ;o)


  1. I heaaar you..anonymity gives a covering... kind of make one can be tempting..i tell happy for you things are settling in...and congratulations in the offering for turning blue?..hehehee....take care.

  2. Am happy for you. Keep enjoying and i pray the grace and peace of the lord will NEVER leave yu.

  3. It's good 2 know you'r having fun with your hubby! I also wish i was an anonymous blogger cos it gives more leeway in sharing certain stuff.
    And Yes, God is good all the time!!

  4. Keep thanking, keep trusting and please enjoy the life of your head, without knowing the back of tomorrow. Miss U lot

    Upsy Daisy

  5. tooo late now! You cant be anonymous :p . Glad you got your groove back oh! So you will not 'sister' me abi? oh kay! lol

  6. Interesting sista, I enjoyed reading your sincere post. May God keep and guide ‎​you amen

  7. Too late now :)))
    Well, what about having 2 blogs -
    This one with all your fashion pics and stuff +
    another anonymous blog where you can rant and rave about random personal stuff??
    You have to let out steam somehow abi.
    Good to hear from you

  8. Indeed, His grace is what makes life meaningful to us His children. Also, we must continually be grateful because should we decide to complain, we'd discover that many people out there are looking for the same privileges we're complaining about. Thanks for sharing ma.

    - LDP

  9. I forgot to say thanks for the shout out.
    Sincerely, its my pleasure.
    We (women, fashionistas, mothers, and all who are generally trying to do well in life) should all stick together
    Have a great week

  10. I soo feel you on the whole anonymity thing:)) . I flirted with the idea of having two blogs like naijamum suggested but im afraid i might accidentaly 'expose' myself by repeating something that i've mentioned in my 'regular' blog. God is your strength, thank God for good men like hubby. ;)

  11. Oooh! Really happy for you! Life IS meant to be enjoyed. Be good :D


  12. Got a chance to read your blog, I loved the fashion. I'm a seamstress/designer myself. Your post was encouraging to me and even made me smile. Follow my post if you'd like, God is Good-All the time!

  13. hi gbemiiiii!! its been a while.. i see everything is going well and better if i might add (from our london fashion school days!!) lol i hope all is well.. just checking up on you. God Bless!xx

    Uju (lcf course mate)

  14. Thanks for sharing; yes, we serve an amazing God, I love what God is doing in your life, thanks for sharing.

  15. Oh it sounds like we're missing out on good gist because you're not anonymous ;) but I don't blame you. I'm glad you're enjoying your life though...thank God!

  16. Yes oooo....Our God is a good God, yes he is!!!

    I'm glad that you're feeling much better! Just take it easy, God will send you help!

    Awww you and ur hubby r tew cute!!!

  17. Gbemi, Enjoy having your hubby around. Permission to be naughty (wink wink) LOL.

  18. I hear you re: anonymity. I was ranting about a situation a couple of weeks ago, then had to delete it the next day because there was just noooo need! Lol. Might take Naijamum's advice. :D
    So glad your hubby came back in time to rescue you.

  19. Beauty of Nigeria, someone is always around to help, or at least to run errands for you but here in U.S it's a different story. As times goes by you will adjust better. You know you can order your business card online too, try
    How I wish you are in New York area, have so many materials I want to sew but the tailors around here had made me cried in the past when I see the end result of what they did to my materials.... people in Houston are lucky to have you. God is your strength Sis, you and ur handiwork are blessed.

  20. God continue to bless the work of gbemisoke's u to succeed.tawakalt.

  21. aawwww... i love how happy you are. I'm really excited for you about your marriage and relationship with God. May He continue to bless you

  22. "The secret of the Proverbs 31 woman was that she knew how to delegate"...Love this wise word from your mom. May you get some trustworthy people to help your business succeed.

  23. Have a 2nd blog darling.
    I am happy you are doing much better, God is your strength.
    come visit me in Canada when you can finally take a break :)

  24. Hope you are okay?
    Abeg, blog one line only...Even if it is only...I AM WELL GUYS!

  25. Thanks ladies

    @Ibhade ;)
    Hmm.. Time will tell hehehe

    AMEN! May His peace never leave you too in Jesus name.

    You're right about leeway. So true.

    :)) @ "the life of my head"
    I miss you gaan! That ur bbpic you put up today? Gbaski!! :x

    @Sisi Yemmie
    Too late shey? You didn't get the "sista" memo? My bad. *clears throat* PSA Sisi Yemmie is my sista oh! :D

  26. @enybees
    AMEN! {{Hugs}}

    You know that warm fuzzy feeling you get sometimes? That's me sending love your way. I do not take your show of love for granted. D says hi.
    Two blogs? I doubt that I would be able to keep up. See how long it took me to reply?

    Gratitude really is important

    Thank God for good men oh! I'm grateful. Cosign on your thoughts about outing yourself accidentally

    Thanks dear xxx

    I'll be over at yours in a bit. I'm glad you came.

  27. Too late to go anonymous!

    I know you're enjoying yourself even thru all the stress, I also know why you feel the way you do, as time goes on, you'll settle in and be able to juggle the roles perfectly.
    Take care darling

  28. @Uju
    Hi babe *waving frantically*
    I really should've kept in touch. Still in London? I plan to take a couple more courses at LCF this summer. We should hook up. Just checked you blog out. I'll be spending some time there in a bit

    @Totin O.
    He really is Amazing!

    Plenty good gist, babe, plenty ;) ;)

    *blushing* Thanks babe

    I'm winking right back
    You know how it is :)

  29. @Ms.Buki
    You had to delete? I can imagine.

    Thanks for the business card info.
    Sorry about the tailors that had you in tears. Please forgive us :)

    Amen! Thanks dear

    Amen! Thanks a lot.

    I have faith oh! that God will send me help

    I look forward to visiting Canada soon :) thanks dear

  30. @PET
    Too late oh!
    Thanks dear. God has been kind to me.

    I AM WELL lol
    thanks Sis

  31. My dear, I can imagine what you went through alone with the kids without hubby. E no easy this side at all. Glad you got your groove back ;)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  32. Hiya

    You seem to have a great relationship, just the way God intended it to be.

    I could almost sense the change in mood from when your D wasnt around till when he showed up.Indeed God is good.

    Keep being an awesome mother, wife and career woman and keep putting God first.



  33. "would've told you all I've been up to if I was anonymous, but I'll keep stuff PG and just say that life's good".....I'm reading this line and recollecting a discuss we had at the Rebirth launch and all i can say is GO GBEMI, hope u used em skillz.....lmao.

    Most important thing for me in all this is that after all the craze, u have people with whom to share it with...that for me is a beautiful life...big hug


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