Friday, December 6, 2013

Who Needs An Interior Designer When You've Got Kids?

The munchkins love Friday.

It's movie night and they get to stay up late which is a big deal because there's no TV on school nights.

"10 more minutes to bed time" I called out to them from downstairs, as wrapped up my post on my online Psych class discussion board and clicked submit.

"Awww... One more show, mummy. Pleeeaaase. Just one." Nathan grumbled, as usual.

"No, Nathan. This was your one-more-show", I replied as I made my way up the stairs, stopping in my tracks because I couldn't believe the sight that met my eyes.

"What is this??!!"
"Stickers?! On my wall?!"
"What did I tell you about walls?!!" I yelled, my voice raised in anger.

"But... but.. mummmmyyyyy...."
"We were trying to make the walls pretty for you. I thought you'd like it."

The look on Nathan's face was... I can't find the words.... All that anger just evaporated.

If the property management company ever gives me grief for the state of these walls, I'm sending them a link to this post.

Dear Sir/Ma,
The walls are not defaced.
This team of expert interior designers spent movie night making the walls pretty for mummy.
You should hire us. We will work for cupcakes.

*now logging off blogger to google painters and request quotes*


  1. Awww,I don't live in the US so I don't know how it works but I think you should leave it there for as long as u can.They are cute&imagine the effort&sacrifice that went into it.
    That's how they'll buy mummy a beautiful house she'll love someday oh!

    1. Amen to that beautiful house o. AMEN!
      If the house was ours, I guess it won't be a big deal, but we're renting. Per our lease, this fine design is considered defacing the wall.

  2. Awwww.. And its kind of pretty o. Lol


    1. Yeah...
      Looking at it again this morning, I'm liking it more :)

  3. Aaawwwww its really pretty Gbemi, I wish I had nice stickers on my walls too, I get loads n loads of scribbles on mine, thankfully its the crayola washable ones! am tempted to repaint but they hold loads of beautiful memories plus I can always wash them I ll just enjoy them for now mayb u shoul do too for a lil while! Kudos to our interior designers of the future!!


    1. Good idea, those washable markers.
      We have to repaint a wall downstairs cos mine used regular crayons.

      Mummy needs to chill out and enjoy all this art :)

  4. lool...aww bless. The joy of having children. heheh

  5. LMAOO,,,,,loveeeee them!!! ..... *sigh**....I really look forward to this point in my life when a look from certain lirru peoples will dissipate all my anger and such!

    1. LOL at "lirru peoples"
      They'll both arouse and dissipate your anger for sure!

  6. Awwww.. This is so lovely! How could one even get mad about their thoughtfulness :-)
    PS I like the sound of no TVs schools days and movie night! xx

    1. It was kinda hard enforcing it at first, but now they are used to it. We go to bed o time and it makes them look forward to weekends :)

  7. Lol! I was expecting the typical pencil drawings on the wall, but stickers ... Ahh! He put a lot of thought into this one. Lol @ anger evaporating. I can just imagine.


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