Monday, April 18, 2011

Thank you

Thank you.
That's all I came to say.
To God for not giving up on me in this season, for keeping me from losing my mind and helping me get through each day, THANK YOU! For the special birthday present THANK YOU!! For totally shaking things up so I know who's BOSS, THANK YOU!! For making it so clear to me that You are THE ONE running things, THANK YOU!!! Have it Your way and do with me as you please... I know your thoughts towards me are good, so lets gooooooooooo.
To D for loving me and putting up with me, THANK YOU.... When I count my blessings, I count you twice xoxoxo
To you for the show of love, the emails, tweets, messages and phone calls. THANK YOU.

So, I don't know what to make of my blog stats... They make no sense at all cos I've had more traffic in the period I have not been in the frame of mind to blog than at the times when I was practically living on this blog. From the emails I have received, my guess is this is how it played out... you come here to check on me, you find that I haven't posted anything and then you send me an encouraging email and then you come again shortly after.... I could be wrong, and I probably am, but please indulge my delusions (let's chalk it up to the fact that I just turned 32 but feel 10 years older)... wait oh, the point of this post was to say thank did I get into all this age/ mid life crisis drama????? *scratches head*.... It's official! I AM becoming old oh!!! *hahahaha*

So back to the point of this post
 Worry weighs a person down;
      an encouraging word cheers a person up.
                                                                  Proverbs 12:25
Thank you for cheering me up. May you never walk alone.

In other news, my lil' man turned 3 last week.
I've got a lot to be thankful for. I remember believing God for almost a year to conceive and how God sent me a word one day... I should share that story oh! Perhaps it'll help someone walking that road. God is still in the business of working miracles. Believe it, my life is proof. 

PS If you're reading this Oyin (you left a comment in my last post), please drop me a line on There's something important I need to share with you.

Thanks for coming again and again


  1. Good to see you back.
    Hope all is well

  2. I luv it wen we choose to praise thru the "storms"...its like staring at the challenges and asking them "is that all you've got?".

    Welcom back luv...and a big buffday kiss to the lil man

  3. Wow! You don't look 32. You look great.

    I will send you an email and thanks for sharing what it is you want to share with me. God Bless.

  4. @ NaijaMum
    :)I'm glad to be back.
    I appreciate your emails. Thanks for putting up with my tardiness and answering my questions. I still have more oh ;)

    @ Jhazmyn
    apt illustration! Keeping our eyes on the promise is a great way to keep praising. Difficult? Yes! Impossible? No! His grace is sufficient for us.

  5. @ Oyin
    I'm so glad to you came!!! Off to check your email out.
    PS Thanks. I'm blushing ;;)

  6. Yeiiiii...Good to see you!!!!! God is ur strength.

  7. Good to see you back. Keep well.

    And happy birthday to Nathan.

  8. @ 9ja foodie
    :) Thanks a lot babe.
    He is oh! for real. Thanks again for being there.

    @ OS
    Thank a lot.
    Have you started posting stuff yet? Off to check you at. xxx

  9. Thank God for everything oh. One more thing to say thank you about is that you don't look 32 hehe. Congrats to your little man


  10. Awww Adiya, thanks.
    :) I thank God that I don't look 32 oh! hehehe

  11. Im so glad you're back... happy birthday again, its a new dawn and no cloud can darken your days.

  12. AMEN!!!
    Thanks a lot hon... I'm grateful for your support.

  13. Me too ohh have been waiting and waiting and waiting for you to post something.. am glad you did.. U are know u are super strong right, cos he that is in you is the greatest so u can do it all...

    And yes, 32 looking 23 mehn u are one yummylicious mum (hubby is a lucky guy and ur darlings too ;) ).. God will continue to empower you with love, favour, blessings, increase, wisdom as you increase in age..

    In God eyes I guarantee we don't age, because the book of 2nd Peter 3 vs 8 says that a thousand of years is like one day, and a thousand of years a day.... Basically, it is anything God wants it to be...

    My point is as you increase in age, you continue to look younger, feel fresher, energy will multiply and you do more things even as ever..

    God bless your baby boy and I pray he will continue to grow to be a confident, bold and handsome man in the LORD.. Happy BIRTHDAY TO HIM.... God bless your family.

  14. We Thank Thee LORD.
    Thank you for sharing your moments with us.. happy birthday to your son...and am glad you are much happier @ getting are joking..32 old?

  15. Congrats to you little boy on his 3rd birthday. n maybe I should take a break too so my traffic would

  16. Happy Birthday. I hope all the worries are behind you now...

  17. I wonder what kind of mom i will be
    love your pics by the way.


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