Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Dozing off at the wheels...True story


That's how I feel right now. I can't remember the last time I felt like this. Yesterday, I dozed off at the wheels. I was doing about 65 miles on the freeway and I just found myself on another lane entirely!! I screamed, looked back at the muchkins who were fast asleep, said a quick "THANK YOU JESUS", turned up the music really loud and started to sing along to Donnie Mcclurkin's "Great is your mercy", which just happened to be what was playing. I shudder to think what could've happened. He really does give His angels charge over me!!
My natural tendency is to form "super(wo)man" and carry on like I'm on top of things, but right now, my energy is nowhere near enough. Thankfully I can find strength in the WORD

He gives power to the faint and to them that have no might, He increases strength.
                                                                                                                                    Isaiah 40:29

While my physical energy is at an all time low, my emotional energy is even lower, that's why you haven't seen a post in a while... I suck at everything when I don't feel so good, a habit I really need to outgrow... seems kinda childish and not appropriate for a thirty-something-year-old-mother-of-two ;P...Perhaps after my birthday in two weeks, I'll wake up and be all "grown up". Did I just hear you laughing at me *rme*...laugh all you want, I'll be fine hahaha
My coping strategy hasn't changed. Maintaining an attitude of gratitude isn't easy, but it works. There are the obvious things to be thankful for. For example, my lil sis just had another baby! God be praised!! What about the not-so-obvious-ones? For example, the day after we moved, I woke up in pain. This was after I was feeling all 'gangsta' cos I drove a U-Haul truck oh! :P...Anyway,  I couldn't find the energy to get out of bed and I thought to myself, "what's there to be thankful for???" Well, pain is a sign my body is functioning properly and my nerves aren't damaged, so there IS something to be thankful for. What if we didn't own anything that needed moving, or what if we didn't have an apartment to move to, or what if we didn't win the green card lottery that had us moving here in the first place???

We all handle change differently. What's your coping strategy?

Thanks again and again for sharing my journey and taking time out to leave comments. May your dreams come true xoxoxo

PS Thanks for your emails and calls when I was MIA. I feel so much better just writing this post. Special shout out to my girls Honeydame and Toyin

PPS Pictures of dresses will be up shortly. I have unpacked and there's lots of exciting stuff. The dressforms I ordered from amazon are here and I'm working out pricing at the moment. I'm marking some stuff down, so I can have an introductory price special :o) Watch this space

PPPS okay okay, It'll be the last PS I promise :o) Did I mention I have my first consultation this evening? She found me on here. I'm soooo excited *bbm dancing smiley*

 P.. just kidding *mischievious grin* see you again soon....


  1. Gbemi, Thank God you are alright. Pls take it easy my sister. I know how it can be when we are trying to do it all.

    The Lord will continue to strengthen you.

  2. Thank God you are okay.

    I can relate with you wanting to be a 'superwoman'

    I used to find it hard to delegate because I dont want to bother others OR I dont feel they can satisfy my demanding standards. LOL

    However, this attitude can be a bit taxing on one's physical and mental wellbeing.

    Pace yourself...'body no be firewood oh!'

  3. Dear Gbemi like naija mum said your body na one abeg,so keep ​​​am for ground abi lol

    Thank God you're well and God's mercy truly endures. I ​​​am with ‎​you on those childish "pouting" moments,I have felt tha way some mins ago. Anyway,‎​​We MUST grow up in the storms :-)

    Take care

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  5. I bless the Lord on your behalf. YY once blacked out on the road and found himself with half of the car in the gutter. People do not go through anything that serious before they are called home. I indeed rejoice with you for that reason. Take some time out to smell the roses. If you are anything like my mum, i know it wont be easy for you to do so, but pls, just try.

    I feel so ..... touched by the shout out. Anytime...
    Cant wait to see you do exploits for Him!!!!

  6. Take it easy Sisto.. D Lord is ur strength..e pele :-)


  7. @ Buki
    Amen! Thanks a lot sis xxx
    I'm still looking to make that visit happen oh!

    @ Naijamum
    You're right. Being here has taught me to leave that "I got this" attitude in Naija. I'll be grateful for any help out here. I'll be sure to pace myself.

    Thanks for dropping by.
    Grow up we must! xxx

  8. @HD
    I rejoice with you too oh! Seems like a scene out of a movie... I'll be smelling the roses and picking some while I'm at it :o). Thanks

    @Olubusola Oluseun ;0)
    Thanks lovie. I miss u soooooooo xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

  9. thank God for you.. He really watches over His own. yep me too, i always use to act all super and all, but i am learning now to delegate task to people, must times they are very happy to oblige.

  10. Purpleicious Babe (DOZ)Thursday, March 10, 2011

    WOW!!!!!!! @ the first paragraph.. I rejoice with u ohhh, God is so awesome.. Wow it could have been a different story but God is really protecting you and your family. I pray he will renew ur spiritual strength, mental and physical strength.

    I cant imagine what it like to be a mother, business woman, wife and juggling everything together. But I know its great because God himself believes u can handle it by his grace. Nice testimony and I pray people will see that God is indeed more than awesome and I believe we should appreciate him.

    Nice post..... God will continue to bless us all.

  11. I tagged you in an award :-), come to my blog to claim it!


  12. I am glad you are alright.

    I had to go and google dress forms Thanks for adding to my knowledge base :)

  13. Awww booo! Please try and rest babes, don't stress

    Xisses, Onyxsta


  14. Oh wow! Slept on the wheels? Thank God nothing happened. Yeah, no stress. Stumbled on your blog- really like the way you write. And lovely dresses really.

    Whenever i'm experiencing change i just remind myself that everything changes and that i'm on track with accepting it. Not easy, but it has to be done oh


  15. Ms Gbemei... first off..Glory be to God that you are okay ooo. chaiiii....you need to incorporate special rest time into your day . I beg una.
    yeaiiiiiii @ ur first consultation! I am too proud of u!!
    God is your strenght my love, always remember " all is well that starts and ends with Him".
    Blog-ville missed you!!

  16. Hope u got some rest after this....babe yi, e sa rora o, jo.

    For me, my coping strategy is to blank everything out and submerge myself in music (not whose the childish one...lmao), with kids in the near future, i had berra work out a different strategy...lol.

    I'm real glad ur ok o, Jesus sure took the wheel there, and He would continue to watch over y'all.

    Keep inspiring luv (u sure do inspire me)....hugs

  17. @ Tams
    Thanks babe. He really does watch over His own! I see we've got the "superwoman" gene in common ;) God help us!
    I love love love your love story. I read it yesterday. :x

    @ DOZ
    Amen! Amen!! Amen!!!
    Thanks babe

    @Pretty Lashes
    Award? Thanks. I'm blushing. I'll be at yours in a bit. Thankssssss

  18. @ Natural Nigerian
    :) You're welcome. Thanks dear.

    @ Onyxsta
    Thankies :-*

    @ Adiya
    I blush :) Thanks dear

  19. @ 9jafoodie
    I like that "special rest time" idea oh! in fact, I'm staring right now ;) You're so sweet... I'm blessed to have you. :-*

    Thanks dear. I'm trying oh! God help me. I like this your coping strategy joor! just plug the baby's ears with earphones, and y'all would be fine :))
    Thanks for your kind words. You know you inspire me more ;)

  20. HI Gbemi. THis is emi faloughi. Just read this and am so glad you and the kids are okay. Believe me when I say, I know it's not easy. Adjusting to a new life especially after the initial rush and excitement of moving wears off is hard. But just know this....6 months from now...you'll look back and be amazed at far you've come. Just hang in there girl!!! We are all rooting for you!!!

  21. shame on me! today is my first time on your blog! U really have a come a long away and am grateful to God for you.

    I'll be coming around here more often... hope u always have something for me... dont be like me o! (a post in 2 weeks) LOL

  22. So glad u're OK. Wishing u all the best.

  23. @ Emi
    Thanks a lot! I sure do look forward to looking back :) Feels good to know you're on my team xoxo

    @Chic Terapy
    Yes oh! Thank God

    :) Thanks for dropping by. I'll try oh!

    Thanks dear

  24. Hahahaha. You were not joking. Ok, this is scary Gbems!

    1. LMAO....I followed you here o!!!shoo...I guess I should start giving my congrats to you too, Hazel...*cheeky grin*


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