Saturday, January 29, 2011

The elastic band worked!!

It's a few more days to the BIG MOVE!!
When I feel overwhelmed, my coping strategy is to stay positive and focus on everything I have to be thankful for and it's working :-)
I was backing up my stuff cos D lost his external hard drive last weekend... really sad, cos it had loads and loads of movies and music :*(... well, I found lots of pictures to share, so here we go!!

Here's my dear friend Lebs. She's such an amazing woman! I've been making clothes for her since about '08 and she just inspires me. She celebrated her 18th wedding anniversary last year and D even didn't believe me when I told him! I hope that I can be a babe like her when I'm in my 40s, wearing the same dress size as my children even though they are taller than me ;-)

Simple and sweet dress made out of woodin. Coil effect with bronze taffeta at the bottom :-)
Shirt dress with diagonal zipper in front, pockets and belt... I like this dress cos it's one of those 'I can't believe it's ankara' dresses :-D
She bb'd me this pic of her looking really lovely as she was about to step out. This was a lace 2 piece number I made for her in 09.

This next set of pics are of a blouse I made for her that pushed me to extend myself.
You see, I love working with ankara. I actually started making clothes cos I wanted to make ankara into contemporary pieces. When I see our bright patterned African prints, I immediately think dresses and not 'native'.... I can work with other fabrics, but ankara still remains my firm favorite. When she brought this fabric, I was like, "you know I don't enjoy working with silk and chiffon"... but trust Lebs not to let me off easily! She said she liked the chiffon dresses I had made for her and so she wanted a dress and a top made out of this fabric. So I set to work.
Here's what it looked like after I cut it, put the ruffles on and was trying to decide what to do to the neckline
Too much fabric there! Not what I was expecting.... hmmm.. what do I do?
Then the Holy Spirit gave me an idea. He always teaches me what to do. I usually say that the best friend any tailor can have is the Holy Spirit. I once said that to one of my trainees that was a Muslim and she asked, who would be her own best friend? I told her to ask Him to help her anyways... He always comes through for me. I'm sure He'll help anyone who asks.

I decided to make an elastic band around the neck.
Day 2, after we put the elastic band. There's a lil bit of gaping in the armhole...

Gaping fixed, Final result

I'm hoping Lebs would send me a pic of her wearing it. When she does, I'll share.
I'll be posting even more pics, so do drop by soon :-)

Thanks for coming by again and again.
May your dreams come true xoxo


  1. I'm loving the top.
    The collar would work with a simple dress also. abi?

  2. Thanks babe.
    Yes it would. You need to add a few inches of fabric to the neck area though, so you can ease it into the collar.

  3. I LOOOOOOOOVE that top! The ruffles makes it UNIQUE!

    Well done!

  4. Reading your blog gives me inspiration on a Monday morning ..
    Thank you!

    Can wait to call you when you get here.

    Toyin ny

  5. few days to go?...*sad*....but its a good change ....i love the pics, esp the blouse...wonderful for slim arms & small bust unlike heavy D's like me journey sis.

  6. I loved that top! And all the best with the move o.

  7. Kudos darling!!! Trust you to always find a way!! I love it :-)

  8. The top is beautiful!

    Best of luck with ur move!

  9. I'm so sure I could work that u already gurl

  10. lovely pieces...we will all miss you when you go..keep us posted as you blog.

  11. Shirt dress with the diagonal zipper looks very

  12. @ Dee
    Thanks dear

    Thanks. I just sent you a msg on FB

    Thanks.. You alway make me smile :o)

    Thanks a lot

  13. @ Remi
    Thanks.. coming from you, that's an A+ :o)

    Thanks dear xxx

    Is that you taking a jab @ NG? *wink*
    thanks babe :o)

    Thanks. I'll work hard at keeping you posted.. thanks for your support

    Yes it does *wink*
    You should send me pics of you rocking your gbemisoke pieces, so I can do a post about you oh! You know we've got a 'special' thing going, you and I ;o)
    Thanks for dropping by and for choosing gbemisoke again and again


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